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Kickstarter/Indiegogo of the Week: Crossers Gate #3


Who doesn’t love a good psychological thriller? Okay, some people don’t, but I know you’re not those people! You love a good thrill, right? Since you do, head on over and check out Crossers Gate #3. Don’t let the fact that it’s a third issue throw you off. For only $10, you can get full digital copies of all 3 issues and physical copies are only $20! This campaign has less than 2 weeks left so don’t hesitate!

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Dog Days – A Zootopia Crime Noir Story







SYNOPSIS – On the Dog Days Kickstarter page (currently live on Kickstarter until Feb 1st, 2019 at 1 pm) the story is about a pair of canine detectives find themselves embroiled in a cults attempts to murder and skin citizens. Follow this pair as they unravel the secrets and mystery behind Mother and her twisted followers. Can they save the animals in time or will their skins be next?

THE STORY – So this is the Graphic Novels first 19 out of 120 pages which can be acquired for free on the Kickstarter page...

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Kickstarter/Indiegogo of the Week: TMNT Adventures

Somehow I missed this coming. Apparently, I’ve been really just not been paying enough attention, and just missed it. I had specifically planned a playthrough of TMNT: Shadows of the Past in the fall with some other Turtle fans that was to be live streamed on The Watch. Through a combination of bad luck and more bad luck, that game never happened. Thankfully we were able to pull together a game last week, and it was a blast! It was a bit chaotic, but you can watch the archived stream at the bottom of this Spotlight. It was during that game I found out this campaign was launching, and we’re here today which is what’s important.

This campaign covers not one, but two new games in the Adventures game system by Kevin Wilson...

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Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight: Dog Days

A crime noir tale that follows a pair of canine detectives embroiled in a cults attempts to murder and skin citizens.

Guys…canine detectives, crime noir, cults…How could we not make sure that you all saw this Kickstarter? It sounds amazing! The rewards are reasonable and a lot of really good people worked on this. I don’t want to take up all your time telling you why you should back this puppy…puppy…get it? Head on over to the project page and let the creative team tell you!

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Kickstarter/Indiegogo of the week- Tsuro: Phoenix Rising

Quick history lesson. In 2004 Wizkids published the first edition of Tsuro: Game of the Path. In 2009 Calliope Games was founded, with Tsuro as its flagship title. Tsuro of the Seas soon followed in 2012. Now, to celebrate Calliope’s 10th anniversary, they have launched Tsuro: Phoenix Rising!

As I write this, less than 24 hours after launch, the project is already closing on 500% funded. Let me say, in no uncertain terms, that I’m not at all surprised. I bought one of the first-run Tsuro games on a whim, and 15 years later is continues to be one of the games I regularly recommend. It’s simple enough for anyone to play, with just enough strategy early on for “gamers” to relish without really being able to destroy the newcomers...

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