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Bonus Kickstarter of the Week: The Theory


Are y’all familiar with TPub Comics yet? Their series Twisted Dark is amazing and I am super excited to be able to bring you their latest project, The Theory! Similar to Twisted Dark, The Theory is made up of interconnected short stories, all with twist endings! If you haven’t pledged, if you haven’t checked them out, I cannot encourage you enough to do so! Head over to Kickstarter and pledge to bring another quality TPub product to life, but hurry…time is short on this one!

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Kickstarter/Indiegogo of the Week: A Teddy Bear Tale

If you’ve been here a while, you’ll know that our fearless leader, Kat, also works occasionally as an editor/proofreader. This week, we are thrilled to be able to bring you one of the projects that she’s working on! A Teddy Bear Tale is a fantastic all-ages story that has something for everyone. The reward tiers even allow you to bring one of the characters into your home to protect you from the monsters. Who out there couldn’t use a bit of help in that area from time to time? I know I could! Please, go check it out and pledge if you’re so called.  Kat’s said that if this project funds within the first week (and a bit) that she’ll Incomprehensible Interview herself on camera….which we all want to see because it should be hysterical.

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Escape to Satyrine and make true magic happen

Invisible Sun is something truly different. From its incredible physical production, to its innovations in character-driven stories, to a game system that puts magic back in magic, to the most original RPG setting in decades, everything about Invisible Sun is fresh, different, and surprising.
Invisible Sun sold out before its street date, but you haven’t missed out yet. Reserve your copy now, and get some cool exclusives, exciting stretch goals, and a great deal on the mysterious Black Cube. The Invisible Sun reprint Kickstarter campaign ends soon!
Monte Cook Games, 8920 West 126th Street, Ov...
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Kickstarter/Indiegogo of the Week: Zed #2

Zombies! Road trip! Chaos! Fun! Great Rewards! Do I have your attention yet? I sure hope so because I’m hoping you’ll head over to Kickstarter and hope this amazing project find its way into the world…like a crazy zombie virus….

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Sidekick Quests Vol 2 (Kickstarter)

Sidekick Quests is a beautiful combination of my loves and passions. I love tabletop gaming. I love comics. I am passionate about getting kids reading and kids learning to play games. Sidekick Quests does all of this, and I’m so happy I came across them.

The original Sidekick Quests webcomic was created in 2012 by James Stowe as a way to introduce his own children to roleplaying games. As he wrote the comic, he wrote it as one might write down their own campaign, and then chronicled the play-through, including initiative and other dice rolls. He did this so well, I’m told, that new rules had to be instituted when a major protagonist critically failed a life-or-death roll.

In 2016, the first chapter of Sidekick Quests, The Secret of the Sewer Wizard, funded on Kickstarter and was released a...

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