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Johnny Boo Goes Like This

Johnny Boo and Squiggle come across a giant pencil! Is it… magical? Whatever it is, when Johnny Boo draws with it, his drawings come to life. Before you know it, they’re off on another adventure, filled with tigers, ice cream monsters, and truly unbelievable hairstyles. Celebrate the power of creativity – the Johnny Boo way! — a full-color hardcover graphic novel, 48 pages, 6” x 9” (portrait)


I want to be all calm and such, but I just can’t. I fell in love with this book from the first page and even closing the back cover didn’t end my love for Johnny Boo Goes Like This! I had never read or even heard of this series before I received this book.  Okay, let me take a few deep breathes and I’ll try to explain my love…

Let’s start with t...

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Allied Shirts


A while back, we were contacted by Allied Shirts about doing a review of their site.  Always eager to check out a site that does shirt design, I said absolutely, let’s do this. After a rocky start with finding someone to do a design for me, Nick Davis of Alt World agreed and we were off to the races! I’ll show you his design later and explain what it was for. First though, the site…

I found the site incredibly easy to use.  The user interface was super easy and even a non-designer, like me, had put together the shirt and had it ordered in minutes. I wish I’d taken some screen shots so I could show you! I was so excited about the project that I completely slipped up in the realm. Oops!

What I can tell you though is that the shirt we received is awesome. My youngest son is trying to rai...

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Four Bullets

Drake and Captain Marsden rode together with a crew of morally ambiguous men for years before a deadly falling out resulted in the death of the one Marsden and Drake held dearest.

Now, Captain Marsden prepares to end his former pupil and friend once and for all. Drake is captured and brought to the town of Matherton, where five opponents await him, all of whom desire his blood by the bucket. If Drake can find and kill these assassins before they kill him, he will be allowed to leave the town alive, with a caveat:

He only has four bullets.


Whew! Talk about genres I don’t usually dive into! In fact, I just spent too much time trying to decide what genre I’d put it in. I’m going to go with Western but really that doesn’t begin to sum up this book.

The Good: Holy visuals...

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Time Conquers All/Rescue in Time

Time-travel romance based in the late 1500’s in the India region of the world. Epic romance with a warrior princess meeting the love of her life. Unfortunately, he’s an American soldier from the 1960’s and the king from a neighboring country. This is book one in the “time series.”


This review is actually a review of two books at the same time. Why two? Well because the author/publisher made the decision to put the first two books of the series into one binding. That being the case, I figured if you’re going to buy it as one, it should be reviewed as one! So, let’s go, shall we?

The Good: I really enjoyed the story telling in these books. From the romance to the action, the books kept me engaged...

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The Drawing Lesson

An instructional art book in narrative graphic novel form that uses the tale of one aspiring young artist and his reluctant mentor to impart easy-to-follow lessons on the fundamentals of drawing.

With over 10 million views and growing, Mark Crilley’s YouTube drawing instruction videos have an enormous worldwide legion of fans and have been featured on sites such as Yahoo News and Reddit. In addition, Crilley is an accomplished graphic novelist. Now for the first time, he pairs both strengths resulting in a one-of-a-kind art instruction experience...

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