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After successfully
crossing some jacked up Mountains which seem to be everywhere in middle earth
and are always in the freakin way, Thorin and his group head into Mirkwood
Forest without Gandolf because he likes to just wander off sometimes. They are
trying to get to Lake-town where it will be time for Bilbo to make good on his
agreement with the dwarves.
After encountering a bunch of mountains, impatience
and a secret door, Bilbo meets the power hungry dragon Smaug who sounds a lot
like Khan from STAR TREK : INTO DARKNESS. While I don’t think anyone in their
right mind can say Jackson hasn’t completely gone to every step to make this
series visually beautiful, this one stood out for several reasons. 1) Smaug
looked freaking great and he is kind of a jerk as polite as Bilbo was...
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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Part 1: The Movie)

Review by Jim Smith
After the Lord of the Rings, there was a great deal of
clamoring for the Hobbit to reach the big screen in the same epic fashion.  It took only nine years of patience, and fans
were rewarded … oh were they rewarded.
By now, we all know the story.  A small hobbit of The Shire is drafted into a
company of dwarves on a quest to reclaim their ancestral kingdom from the
dragon Smaug.  Bilbo Baggins becomes a
most unlikely hero, and the fulcrum which would change the direction of the
future of the world … though that part of the story is not in the Hobbit, but
the Lord of the Rings, so let’s stick to the story at hand.
That, oddly enough, is the chief complaint people had of the
movie.  The movie included vast scenes
that do not appear in the book.  After
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