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We’re Thankful For…Comic Artists!

Each and every day of this coming week, we’re going to be telling you what we’re thankful for! We work hard every day to bring you geeky reviews and as we do that, we find our favorites…the ones we are truly thankful for coming across our desks, in our inboxes, at the theatres and everywhere that geeky things tend to sneak into our lives.

Each day will have a different theme and hopefully will introduce you to some awesome that you might have missed as well as us showing our thanks for the amazing creators that are out there.

Now, let’s be honest…even with as many things as we cover, comics are the one thing that brought us all together. It shouldn’t come as any surprise then that our last days of thankfulness are all about just how thankful we are for the amazing people who create them...

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Season One of C5studio’s “TAINTED LOVE” Comic Released Online

Original Digital Comic about
Vampires Releases with Unique Animation Style

Woodbridge, VA (Monday, June 23rd, 2014) – C5studio is proud to present
the first season of their comic TAINTED LOVE as a groundbreaking animated
digital comic on Monday, June 23rd, 2014.

The comic will release online and is designed “specifically for a web
audience,” according to illustrator John Hernandez.

“Initially, we had scrapped the idea of doing a motion comic because it was too
ambitious and too daunting for just a one-person art ‘team’. The idea of
another ‘page-a-week’ didn’t appeal to me either, nor did it really make any
real use of the digital medium. But suddenly, the idea of story-telling as a
series of GIFs seemed much more realistic and very interesting to me as an
illustrator and...

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