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Invader Zim #8

Dib wears the wrong pants… WITH DEADLY CONSEQUENCES!! Can the Earth survive an invasion from the waist down?

I wore the wrong pants once. As in, I didn’t wear any pants. At school. Presenting a slideshow to the President of the United States. He called my genitals “sad” and “lacking austerity”. Wait no, that was the dream I have every night. Well regardless, not wearing the right pants can be a terrifying experience. For Dib, wearing the wrong pants results in everyone pointing at him and screaming “WRONG PANTS”, because the pants everyone else is wearing is controlling their minds...

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Invader Zim #7

ZIM’s tragic past revealed? Nope! No. Never. Why. But other things will be revealed! Critically acclaimed comedy cartoonist Kyle Starks and also critically acclaimed cartoonist Dave Crosland join forces on this explosive issue! 

This comic is actually two comics. What a world! The first half sees Zim land on an alien death planet. Due to some complications involving fuel leakage, he ends up inadvertently creating life. The second and smaller half involves Zim using a memory erasing device on Dib, but it does not go as planned. Wish I had a memory erasing device to erase my bad memories. That stuff is never going away.

Like the previous issue, this issue brings in a different artist to illustrate the comics...

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Invader Zim #6

Three short tales answer the most-asked questions about everyone’s favorite Irken Invader. Like, where can someone like ZIM get a bank loan? What’s the most sought-after, limited-time-only treat in the galaxy? And how long can ZIM spend looking for a lost shoe before the universe implodes?

This issue of Invader Zim pulls things back from the usual takes on planetary conquest and takes some time to answer the difficult questions. Wearing a robot suit that kind of looks like Donald Trump, Zim goes to the bank to apply for alone. One thing leads to another, and before you know it he is ripped in half! And things only get worse from there. There’s no Dib in this comic, something that I definitely appreciated. Dib is best in small doses, he can get grating the longer you are exposed to him...

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Invader Zim #5

Dib wakes up in a world where ZIM rules the Earth and forces his subjects, including Dib, to perform in deadly games for his amusement. Dib’s terrible at games, but…he has a sister… 

Hey, just last issue I was complaining that we haven’t seen enough of Gaz, Dib’s sister, and look who’s on the cover of this comic! It’s Gaz! Dreams do come true, never stop believing. Follow your heart. This issue is all about video games. Video games are a particular passion of mine, I’ve beaten over seven of them. Dib is forced to be in a variety of video game parodies, from Metal Gear Solid to Dark Souls. It’s pretty great, and having the issue focus on Dib and Gaz instead of Zim makes way for a refreshing change of pace.

This was a fun issue, but it’s probably my least favorite of all of the...

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Invader Zim #4

ZIM receives a mysterious delivery from the Almighty Tallest! Then mysterious orders! Then totally different mysterious orders that will probably hurt a lot! is this the most important assignment of his invader career, or are the Tallest just really, really bored? 

In issue number four of Invader Zim, we get to see more of The Almighty Tallest than ever before. They have always been among my favorite characters, next to Poop Dog of course. Poop Dog is the best. The Almighty Tallest send Zim some garbage and tell him it’s important, and they pretty much spend the entire issue torturing him. It’s a nice, smaller pace after the apocalyptic tone of the last issue and it works well...

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