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Dark Horse Deluxe Partners with Toy2R to Distribute Limited Edition Hellboy Mini-Qee Vinyl Toys!

OR–At this year’s International Toy Fair, Dark Horse revealed what is sure to
be one of the year’s most-talked-about toy releases! Hong Kong’s innovative
designer-toy company Toy2R will produce a new range of 5” vinyl figures in
their popular “Mini-Qee” format, putting their unique design spin on Mike
Mignola’s popular Hellboy character. 
Mike Mignola’s Hellboy has emerged as one of the classic comic book
characters of the modern day, spawning a successful series of graphic novels,
motion pictures, animation, interactive games, and toy lines. Excitement around
this character is at an all-time high, as Mignola takes him back to whence he
came in the smash-hit series Hellboy in Hell, currently in its third issue.
Raymond Choy’s Toy2R is recognized as being ...
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