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Return to Vader’s Castle #1


It the second Tuesday of this week! Meaning I lost track of of the day of the week. Let’s make up for it by reading a DARTH VADER comic!

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By the Time I Get to Dallas

By the Time I Get to Dallas

Written by Colin Devonshire
Edited by Matt Idelson
Penciled by Juanfrancisco Moyano
Inked by Dario Marin
Coloured by Jay Moyano
Lettered by Jaymes Reed
Published by Pitdoc Press

By the Time I Get to Dallas is a limited series, 200-page graphic novel in five books about a young man struggling to become a doctor in the midst of an apocalyptic public health crisis. What if most of the human population tried to migrate to a single point on the globe? What would happen to them, to the people they left behind, and to the human species? What makes us human? Is it possible to lose our humanity?

Overall I thought this first book was very thought provoking. It’s not your traditional post-apocalyptic story, in the sense that it slows the pace right down...

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Judge Dredd Megazine #412

Judge Dredd: The Red Queen’s Gambit 4

Written by: Arthur Wyatt

Art by: Jake Lynch

Colors by: John Charles

Letters by: Annie Parkhouse

This Judge Dredd story is action packed but often to its detriment. The pages are very crowded and the panel layouts seem to be jammed together. Not to mention the story has very little to do with the Red Queen actually, other then that the story is written well and the artwork has an old school feel to it but works to convey the action.

2000 AD DeMarco, PI: An Eye Part Three

Written by: Laura Bailey

Art by: Paul Williams

Letters by: Ellie De Ville

First of all, you lost me at black and white. And also that i have no idea what is happening in the story because this appears to be the end of a story and I haven’t read the rest of the story...

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Chuck’s Raw Reviews: Mr. Tatters

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One of the Year’s Most Anticipated Graphic Novels to Debut Next Week with Multiple Appearances from Creators Suzanne Walker and Wendy Xu 

PORTLAND, OR—Just ahead of the release of an all-new collection of the beloved queer Chinese-American fantasy romance from co-creators Suzanne Walker and Wendy Xu, Lion Forge announces signings and events at next week’s New York Comic Con, and a launch event at New York’s Books of Wonder on October 14!

Mooncakes is a labor of love, and we are so excited to share it with the world. We set out to tell a story of reunion–two childhood crushes who find each other again, and find out whether their friendship could be something more” said its co-creators...

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