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Bellanova Redstar: Space Girl 4199 at the Edge of the Universe


“SHIT!  Shit! Shit! Shit!”

So begins Issue #379 of Bellanova Redstar: Space Girl 4199 at the Edge of the Universe.  Bellanova Redstar is the Captain of a ship in search of a rogue exploration probe.  She crashes into an alien planet and is caught up in a story that seems to be part Planet of the Apes and part Barbarella, including a scruffy space explorer captured by aliens and a jail sex fantasy come true.  This is an indie comic that claims to have the longest title in comic book history, but it doesn’t take an exceptionally long attention span to appreciate this story.

PROS: It is a nice, simple basic story.  One that any young male going through puberty would appreciate...

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Greatest Birthday Giveaway Winners Announcement!

We want to start out by thanking everyone who entered! It was so fantastic to see those numbers climbing and knowing that all of you were coming to the site and checking it out. That being said, we could only have 9 winners and the magic winner grabber chose those last night. Don’t worry though. We had so much fun with this giveaway that we can guarantee there will be more in the future!

In no particular order, our winners are….

Brian ‘Scar’ Belanger

• Wonderland Variant Covers from Bluerainbow Online

Angela Roy

• Prints by Brian ‘Scar’ Belanger
Rex Zombie Killer
• Christmas Fire & Sketches from Ross Demma Art

Ross Demma

Soul Chaser Betty
The Abominations of Science
The Ultimate 7 Vol. 1 & 2

Justin Armstrong –

Big Dog Ink Variant Covers
• Rex Zombie Killer...

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”Ever looked out at the city, the night embraced her like a lost friend, below the silent gray mist rises like a ghost, her refuge, a 30th floor apartment, her lover nameless, dying on the floor behind her, as she walks to the end of the balcony, dangling her toes off the edge, ”men,” she cries as she pours the last few drops of wine, into a glass…”

The Good: Here we have a new take on the age old Werewolf and Vampire story. In Angelwolf, there are well, angelwolves. These are angelic versions of werewolves, saved by God himself. We have a head vampire determined to destroy them and any/all remaining werewolves on the planet. It’s a new take on an old war. Don’t worry, for those Twilight scoffers, nobody sparkles and everyone is pretty kick butt.

The Bad: I’m not sure tha...

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NEW YORK, NY—The most anticipated video game of 2013, The Last of Us, comes to print with a comic series and an art book from Dark Horse Comics and Naughty Dog!

The Last of Us: American Dreams will be a four-issue series by The Last of Us lead writer Neil Druckmann, with rising star Faith Erin Hicks (Zombies Calling, Friends with Boys, The Adventures of Superhero Girl) as cowriter and artist.

Ellie, the heroine of The Last of Us, has grown up in a postpandemic world, shuttled between military orphanages in one of the last remaining quarantine zones and resigned to the fact that when she’s old enough, she’ll be channeled into the army or left to fend for herself—until she meets an older girl determined to find a third way out. American Dreams explores Ellie’s backstory and her firs...

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Kickstarter of the Week: Shadow of the Red Moon

SHADOW OF THE RED MOON is the sequel to the indie graphic novel sensation RED MOON and you can be a part of it! In 2010 the 200 page black and white (with spots of red) graphic novel RED MOON was revered by critics and fellow creators alike. It was listed as “Certified Cool” in Diamond’s Previews, Booklist Magazine gave it a “Starred Review”, it was voted one of the top graphic novels for teens by the School Library Association, outstanding reviews by such notables in the comic world as Broken Frontier, Ain’t It Cool News, Christian Slade (creator of the Korgie series) and John Reppion and Leah Moore (Wild Girl, The Trial of Sherlock Holmes and The Complete Alice in Wonderland)...

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