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Bad Girls #1

What happens when the most evil and powerful female characters in the Grimm Universe join forces?

You’ll find out in this new miniseries that brings together an all star cast of girls that were born to be bad. The Mistress of Limbo has gathered together a team of allies from across the four realms of power. Will anyone be able to stand against the united power of Baba Yaga, the Goblin Queen and the Queen of spades? Don’t miss the baddest series in the history of Grimm Fairy Tales.

Now this is a Legion of Doom I can get behind!  Joey Esposito weaves a tale akin to the classic super-villain team-ups from the big two.  You’ve got four of the biggest female heavy-hitters in the Grimm Universe coming together to take out Sela Mathers once and for all...

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Night #1

NIGHT , the series, written by Troy Hasbrouck, is not just another vampire of werewolf story but encompasses each and every creature of the NIGHT. Future issues include everything from Zombies to Minotaurs and don’t be surprised if some old horror favorites show up too.

The Good
Stories involving werewolves or anything supernatural are ones I’m always glad to read.  Issue one of Night was a good start, and has me curious about the characters presented so far.  The two most prominent characters towards the end in particular are of course the ones I’m most interested in exploring.

The Bad
Certain components of the artwork looked a bit off, but they didn’t completely ruin the experience...

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VALIANT Slashes First Four TPB Collections to $9.99!

Valiant is proud to announce that it is cutting the price of the upcoming trade paperback volumes collecting the four series that launched the “Summer of Valiant”; X-O Manowar, Harbinger, Bloodshot, and Archer & Armstrong – to the special introductory price of $9.99!

Due to popular demand, each of Valiant’s previously solicited trade paperback collections will be joining X-O Manowar Vol. 1: By The Sword TPB by Robert Venditti and Cary Nord – on sale December 5th – at the $9.99 price point. With one collection hitting stores each month through March, this is the perfect entry point into the new Valiant Universe, the critically acclaimed comic book relaunch of 2012!

“Valiant is dedicated to getting its titles into the hands of as many new readers as possible and a $9...

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Witch Hunter/Night

“A vampire and a werewolf working together to fight evil?  Your earth makes horror fun.”

-Witch Hunter

This one-shot comic creates a team up that would make anyone chuckle.  First you have Sabrina Voight and David Skinner.  Voight is an FBI agent who just happens to also be a vampire.  Skinner is her companion who as it turns out is a werewolf.  Voight and Skinner take on macabre cases no other FBI agent will touch.

While investigating the disappearances of several small children, they cross paths with Witch Hunter, an extra-dimensional hero who seeks to hunt down evil witches.

There are so many things to say about this book, it is difficult to know where to start, so on with the good, the bad and the ugly.

THE GOOD:  The writing is first rate...

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Rails, A comic by Seth. This comic, Rails, is a project that Seth is apparently writing and illustrating. This guy is new to sequential art and this is his baby. This book or prologue to be more specific is in grey scale. No blacks really. A lot of grey and some white. It’s hard to explain what the story is yet since it is a prologue. I can say this though. The story is set up in the “Old West” and you are first introduced to a character Deputy Johnny.The characters are animals with human bodies.Very lanky human bodies.

Going into this, Seth is very open and honest about what this digital comic is to him and what he wants it to become...

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