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Tales of the Rockabilly Rambler #1

Rockabily Rambler 1 Cover

Elvis Presley, the hero of Bubba Ho-Tep is alive once again in the anthology brimming with tropes like blue suede shoes, “thank yuh veruh much,” and sideburns. The art makes a case for it.

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Infinite Dark TPB #1

Infinite Darkness TPB 1 cover

This, this, is one deep scifi comic. But, DOOD can you handle it? Is the end THE end or the first end or the first continuation?

INFINITE DARK TPB #1 is a meta graphic novel trip collecting issues #1-4. Take a big breath and click READ MORE

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Kickstarter/Indigogo of the Week: Realmz Comic Series

It’s always fun to come across a crowdfunding campaign for something that looks so great you immediately want to see more, that was the case when Realmz crossed my path. Limitless Comics has previously put out issue #1-3 of Realmz, and are now going back eight years before the events of that storyline, to where it all really starts.

Most comic readers are familiar with the concept of issue #0. The specific format may be different, but generally it’s a prequel that leads into Issue #1. With this campaign, Limitless Comics is taking that concept a step further with Issue #01 and my understanding is there is at least a #02 and 03 planned in the near future.

The Indiegogo campaign is a bit lacking in background and information, but after some hunting around I found most of my answers, then a ...

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Long Con Volume 1

The Long Con Volume 1 Cover

The Long Con Volume 1 collects Issues #1-#5. 117 pages of convention life satirically played out from the perspective of the new attendee vs. a con devotee. In short, the operation is successful! Will the patient die on the table?

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Girl in the Bay #1

The Girl in the Bay #1 CoverLet me tell you about sixties sci-fi. The hard core sixties scifi writers were chemists, physicists, all branches of science that were limited by what you couldn’t do. You can’t travel faster than light. You can’t build a time machine. But what about the cosmic?

Inner space was only a drop of LSD away.

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