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Valhalla Mad #2

The fabled Gluttonalia continues as comics’ newest godly sensations dive ever deeper into their own merriment on the streets of Manhattan. But there are secrets yet to be revealed…even beyond the mythic ingredients of Viken mead! It’s more drunken fun from Casey and Maybury! Don’t miss it!

Much like the last issue of this title, I found the forced archaic language tropey and hard to get through. It’s not hard to undestand, so much as it is cumbersome and overdone. That’s really the appeal of the book, I think; the fact that it’s overdone and trying to be parody or satire (especially of Marvel’s Thor title) is the point. For me, as a reader, it’s still too much. It’s not an enjoyable read for me, with too many words that say very little.

Unlike the last issue, which was largely set u...

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Drifter, Vol 1: Out Of The Night TP

Abram Pollux barely survives a crash landing on Ouro, a lawless backwater planet, only to end up on the wrong end of a bullet. What starts as a struggle for survival quickly becomes a journey to the very edges of what it means to be human, as Pollux searches for answers among the ruins of this forgotten world. And if he can’t have answers, he’ll at least have his revenge.

There’s no limit to the universe, nor to the stories that are written about journeying through it.  Some go for the light-hearted campy approach, some the ultimate sci-fi epic.  Others, like what we see in the first volume of Drifter, take a darker direction.  It’s one I haven’t seen in a while and it was one hell of a story.

After plummeting to what should have been his death, Abram Pollux manages to survive his cras...

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Astronauts in Trouble #1

In 1959, the Channel 7 News team covers a routine homicide that leads them to a mysterious rocket base in Peru filled with Russian spies. All in a day’s work for the most trusted newsmen in America. They couldn’t know their day’d end up with a hot pilot, a fast ship, cheap beer, and spacesuits!

There are those times when just the title of a new book I come across is enough to make me curious.  I’ve always enjoyed a good space adventure, even though this doesn’t quite start out as one.  Right from its beginnings on Earth, we take a look at the presumably soon to be journey through space with Astronauts in Trouble issue one.

Although not a spaceship, we begin the story rocketing through the city with a news van on its way to a homicide crime scene...

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Valhalla Mad #1

Their names are legend: the Glorious Knox! Greghorn the Battlebjörn! Jhago the Irritator! Three warrior gods vacationing on Earth, just looking to get their drink on and have a good time! Join the drunken festivities with toastmasters JOE CASEY (SEX) and PAUL MAYBURY (SOVEREIGN). The new mythology begins now!

This comic reads like a parody of superhero comics to me. The characters are obviously designed to be a play on Asgardians specifically, with the main character looking a lot like Thor. They all speak in “old” language; thees and thous abound throughout. It makes reading the story a bit tedious overall, at least for me. It isn’t that it’s incomprehensible, it’s just over the top and to me, that made it a less enjoyable read.

The story is a little flimsy – gods come to eart...

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Material #1

A man comes home from Guantanamo Bay, irrevocably changed. An actress receives an offer that can revive her career. A boy survives a riot and becomes embedded within a revolutionary movement. A philosopher is contacted by a being that dismantles his beliefs.  Look around you. Everything is material.

Material is the kind of a comic that you need to read a half dozen times to get the true gist of the story.  This is a story with a very wide, disparate plot that comes to a very slow boil, in fact, by the end of issue one, it feels like burner hasn’t even been turned on.  Material, is a comic for hard-core science fiction junkies that are in it for the long haul.  The subject matter is the human condition, and all its myriad wonder...

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