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Dread Gods #1

Written: Ron Marz
Art: Tom Raney
Color Art: Nanjan Jamberi
Letter Art: Dave Lanphear

In a dystopian future in the Wasteland town, citizens can plug in to watch the daily lives of the gods of Olympus. Prometheus presents the lives of Zeus, Hera, Ares, Tyche, Achilles, Apollo, and Artemis; people literally plug and and watch as battle play out like soap operas. It is like how people of ancient times worship the gods, only in the digital age. One person, Carver, is convinced that the gods need his help to defeat Ares.

The jury is still out on the writing by Ron Marz. He has taken the classic story of the gods of Olympus who battle with the god of war Ares...

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Jem and the Holograms: Infinite #1

Writer: Kelly Thompson
Art: Jenn St-Onge
Colors & Lettering for Lyrics: M. Victoria Robado
Letters: Shawn Lee
Publisher: IDW Publishing

Jem and the Holograms are told they are needed in the future, where the technology used for Synergy in the present is used for wrong. While going through a portal, The Misfits find them and want to know what’s up and go through. The Holograms and Misfits are transported into a world where Jem has almost a god like worship of the rich 1% of the population. Techrat, the person who transported the two groups, needs the help from the Holograms. The technology that created Synergy has unbalanced the future. The Misfits have their own agenda however.

I will not conceal my love of Kelly Thompson’s writing for Jem and The Holograms and The Misfits...

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Powerpuff Girls: The Time Tie #2

Writer: Haley Mancini & Jake Goldman
Artist: Philip Murphy & Leonardo Ito (colors)
Letters: Andworld Productions
Publisher: IDW Publishing

In this issue, it is Bubbles turn to try and find the Chronogem to get back to present day Townsville. Bubbles has been sent to the time of pirates of the high seas! She has commandeered a ship, has a crew and named them the Panda Pirates. The crew has found a treasure map that locates the Chronogem that Bubbles needs to get back in time. Standing in the way of Bubbles and the Panda Pirates is Pirate Neckbeard and a Kracken. Bubbles needs to get to the Chronogem before Neckbeard buries it again.

It’s Bubbles, so of course this was cute. I mean, only Bubbles can find a panda and have a crew that follows her lead without question...

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Popeye Classics #59

A collection of three classics Popeye comics with all the classic characters. The first story centers around Sweet Pea who goes out to hunt “beasks”. Sweet Pea encounters someone or something that sounds like Popeye. He hears these commands the voice is saying and Sweet Pea listens, but to Popeye he is acting strange. They find a parrot who happens to belong to Haggy the witch. Trouble ensues when Haggy tries to get the parrot back, leaving Popeye to have to rescue Sweet Pea. In the second story, Popeye has an argument with Wimpy, who then goes off to the desert with hurt feelings. Wimpy is attacked by a Native American who wants to sacrifice Wimpy to save his corn crop. Wimpy returns to Popeye for help and forgiveness. The last story deals with a recurring character Professor O.G...

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Yo-Kai Watch #2

Writer: Eric M. Esquivel
Artist: Tina Franscisco
Colorist: Mae Hao
Letters: Christa Miesner

It’s the present and Snartle seeks his revenge, grudge on Jibanyan the ancestor to Shoguyan. Jibanyan, on the other hand does not know who Snartle is and has no idea why he starts attacking him. Snartle insults Jibanyan, which brings back a horrible memory and the battle ensues. Jibanyan, who is as much as a warrior as Shoguyan, defeats Snartle. But this battle is only the beginning.

This was a fun continuation of the series from the first issue. It had the action and a different story of Jibanyan origins. It was sad to see how Jibanyan had to achieve his Yo-Kai form. It was also funny to see that he trained like Rocky. I would like to see why Snartle has survived and not Shoguyan...

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