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Ghostbusters: Funko Universe

Writer: Troy Dye
Artist: Philip Murphy
Colorist: Luis Antonio Delgado
Letterer: Neil Uyetake
Publisher: IDW Publishing

In the Natural History Museum in New York City, two evil Japanese warrior spirits awaken to fulfil a prophecy made six hundred years ago. Egon, Peter, Ray, and Winston are called to the museum  to vanquish them, but the spirits are too strong and they are defeated. Peter is reminded of an old show that has the prophecy that included four warriors. Being that the spirits are attached to their prized possessions, one spirit has escaped from a private collection in New York and the other is in Tokyo. The guys travel to try and stop the spirits from joining but are too late...

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Kill Shakespeare: Past is Prologue: Juliet #1

Juliet Lives! The newest chapter of the award-winning Kill Shakespeare series flashes back to five months after the death of Romeo, where Juliet is mourning yet another loved one – her mother. Now Juliet must discover who the murderer is, lest she becomes the next victim. New series artist Corin Howell (Transformers, The Mighty Zodiac, X-Files: Scully) takes the reins in a tale perfect for new readers to the series. (from IDW’s website)

In this alternate telling of what happens after Romeo and Juliet, Juliet lives and suffers alone after Romeo’s death. Juliet, presumably still the age she was in the original story, is self-absorbed and willful. She’s not immediately likable, exactly, but because the reader knows her story already, she’s at least relatable.

There are several nods to othe...

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Powerpuff Girls: Power Up My Mojo

Written: Haley Mancini & Jake Goldman
Art: Derek Charm, Nicoletta Baldari & Phil Murphy
Letters: Andworld Productions
Series Edits: Sarah Gaydos
Series Assistant Edits: Chris Cerasi

The Powerpuff Girls comic includes three stories with villains The Fashionistas, Him, and my personal favorite, Mojo Jojo. The first story takes place right before a bike race, Tour de Townsville. The mayor asks the girls to lead the race, with only one problem, Blossom Bubbles and Buttercup do not know how to ride bikes. Then appears Penny Farthing, who offers the girls to help them learn to ride bikes in exchange to grant her the power to fly. But, Penny is Him in disguise, he made up this plan so the girls cannot save Townsville whilst Him goes on a rampage.

The second story is the day of the Townsville Soa...

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Night Owl Society #1

Writer: James Venhaus
Art: Pius Bak
Lettering: Marshall Dillon

David is a loner at St. Cuthbert’s School, but he has a plan to uncover a mystery that happened within it’s walls. But he needs help, so decides to recruit a computer geek, a thief, a jock and his girlfriend. David has a plan and needs these kids help to uncover the mystery and the crime boss behind it. David has always been a loner and even the students he recruits didn’t even know they went to the same school, he has been attending the school for six years. As you read through the comic you wonder what is going on, not much is revealed, but it end on a high and surprise.

This is definitely a motley crew story, in a school setting. They don’t have superpowers but they decide to take a very big crime in their own hands...

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Orphan Black: Deviations #1

In a world where Sarah managed to save Beth from taking her own life! With this single twist of fate, the Clone Club comes together in a completely different way and the mystery of Project LEDA unfolds in new, exiting ways! See all your favorite characters return in an all-new light!

Ah, the ongoing debate over the ethics of cloning. There are certainly points to make about the benefits, but equally as strong arguments about the downsides. We explore a world where humans have been cloned in the first issue of Orphan Black: Deviations.

Down and out street hustler Sarah arrives in Toronto in hopes of seeing her daughter, and saves a woman from killing herself. What’s most shocking is that this woman looks exactly like her...

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