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Kill Shakespeare: The Mask of Night 2

Mutiny! With Titus’s deadly battleship in
hot pursuit and Hamlet and Juliet’s lives in the balance, Viola must either
defend her lover Captain Cesario’s decision to protect their stowaways, or lead
a full-stage pirate mutiny against him.

Anthony Del Col
Conor McCreery
Andy Belanger
It’s issue 2 of this new series of Kill
Shakespeare and the crew of The Boreas are being pursued by the most feared of
Titus Andronicus’ ships, The Lavinia. Under this pressure, the crew are forced
to consider if they should mutiny or stick to the plan lain down by a captain
they no longer know or trust.
Issue two turns up the tension quite a bit,
as several key members feel on another out amongst the larger tension of trying
to skirt by a ship that is their supe...
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Kill Shakespeare: The Mask of Night 1

The award-winning series returns with a
high seas tale of pirate battles, vengeance and lost love. Hamlet, Juliet,
Othello and Shakespeare become pawns in a deadly game of survival between the
legendary masked pirate Captain Cessario, his first mate Viola, and the new
terror on the water, Titus Andronicus’ forbidding war ship The Lavinia.

Anthony Del Col
Conor McCreery
Andy Belanger
Everyone knows about Shakespeare right?
That’s what IDW’s series is out to prove. Considering it’s on it’s 4th
volume, you can’t argue with it. A world where all of Shakespeare’s characters
are real and are at war with one another, with the eternal bard at the centre,
it’s been a critically acclaimed hit that many people have had the pleasure of
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Top 10 Comic Book Series from 2013 : Numbers 10-6

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – Rainbow Dash

This is
it! The always awesome Rainbow Dash in her own showcase adventure! 
a performance with the amazing Wonderbolts, Rainbow Dash runs afoul of a
sinister cloud and things get 20 percent more out of hand.  Now, with her wings and pride hurt, Rainbow
must find a way to bring happiness back to Ponyville before everypony’s consumed
by fear and sorrow.  The second
installment to the ongoing MLP Micro-Series, from writer Ryan Lindsay and
artist Tony Fleecs, is sure to be the most awesome thing you read!
with the trend that began with the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My Little
Pony: Friendship is Magic has put out a micro-series which individually focuses
on the exploits of the “Mane Six.”  With
this second installment of the series, we delve into ...
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Kill Shakespeare Returns to IDW

Award-winning comic Mash-up Kill Shakespeare Returns to IDW with New Limited Series

Toronto, Canada: IDW Publishing is proud to announce the return of the acclaimed comic series  Kill Shakespeare to comic shelves.

The first issue of the new five-issue limited series, entitled The Tide of Blood, will hit comic shops across North America and Europe in February, 2013.

Series co-creators Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery returned to pen the five issues and original artist Andy Belanger is back as the series artist (and also adds cover artist duties). All three are at this week’s New York Comic Con to officially launch the new arc as well as present a special Live Stage Reading based on the first twelve issues of the series that the New York Times called: “gripping, violent, da...

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