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51uU9XDq1sLSlapshot is a wheeling, dealing game for hockey fans. Each player assumes the role of team manager. The object is to skillfully manage your team into the playoffs and then win the championship. During the regular season you can improve your team with drafts and trades, but injuries can upset the best of plans. Ultimately, your skill as manager determines if your team wins or loses.Slapshot includes 54 zany hockey players like Slash Gordon, Puck Rogers, Ian Jury, Cheap Shot, Le Goon, and Jack the Tripper.Slapshot is fast, furious, fun, and simple to play. Lace up your skates and checkout the game celebrated as the closing game each year at the World Boardgame Championships.Slapshot was originally published in 1975 under the name Team by Gamma Two Games...

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Let’s Play Friday! : XCOM: Enemy Unknown Episode 2



Jason Kanigan, along with being a world class marketer, is a closet gamer that we’re trying to lure out into the sunlight…or at least the glow of his monitor! He has some great gaming skills and if you ever need to learn how to sell things or be better in business, well, we recommend him for that too!

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Superfight_Core_grandeSUPERFIGHT is a game where you argue with your friends over ridiculous fights. The game is very simple. It’s fun for all levels and kinds of players.

The main deck consists of 500 cards, split between character cards (white cards), and powers and weaknesses (black cards). These cards are used to create fights like this:


As you can imagine, the arguments over who would win the fight are epic and hilarious.

Seriously, seriously fun. I played this last night with the two boys and the arguments were flying fast and furious. In fact, my phone rang and we didn’t quit playing, we just added in another person to the madness...

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Let’s Play Friday! : Super Mario Galaxy

I’m really kind of excited to share this week’s video with you. Just last night, Scott was mentioning that he was trying to help an 8 year old with this game and he’d never even heard of the game before. Well, that sounded like the perfect reason for me to find a fun Let’s Play video to share with all of you! I’m curious though… are there certain games that you’d like to see video for? If so, please don’t hesitate to email us or to leave a comment on any of the Let’s Play Friday videos!

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Cypher System


I have a confession to make. When I’m playing an RPG, any RPG, I sometimes wonder what it would be like to run that game in a totally different setting and genre.

From the Introduction to the Cypher System Rulebook:
“A cypher is a secret. It’s something that not everyone understands. It holds potential. Promise.
The Cypher System Rulebook came about because we published a game called Numenera, and then another called The Strange. These were quite popular, both for their settings and for their rules. They shared the same basic game engine: the Cypher System...

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