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Future Quest Presents #2

Future Quest Presents #2

Future Quest Presents (2017-) #2

At the conclusion of Future Quest Presents #1, Space Ghost, his young protéges, and Igoo of the Herculoids were descending into the mine where the Space Force extracted the rare element that controls their power bands. The issue closed with the revelation of people living in the mine, and their leader Metallus. Now setting aside the fact that Metallus is a ridiculously cheesy name, even for Hanna-Barbera, I really hope they try to explain it. I’m sure they won’t but, by the end of issue #2, the name is a bigger stretch than it already was.
Meanwhile, back in the mine, Space Ghost and company work their way deeper into the caverns, encountering glowing carnivorous plants and a giant crystal monster...
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Future Quest #7-9

The story threads from past six issues (now being collected and released as Future Quest Vol. 1) really start to come together in issues #7 and #8, as the various heroes from separate stories start to interact.

Issue #7 brings us back to the remote laboratory of Dr. Kim-Conroy, her son Buzz, and the nearly complete gargantuan robot, aptly named Gargantuan. Meanwhile, the new Mightor gets some hero training from Birdman before encountering Omikron in the desert, and the kidnapped Dr. Quest talks science-shop with Dr. Zin at F.E.A.R. headquarters. Finally, The Impossibles work to clear civilians from the Hollywood Bowl as one of Omikron’s vortexes appears there, and the unconscious body of Space Ghost comes through.

Issue #8 sees Race Bannon, Agent Sumadi, and Dr...

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Future Quest #4-6

When my disappointed review of Future Quest #3 went live on the Geek-O-Rama Facebook page, a comment was made that I should wait for the next issue.  So here we are, several months later, and I’m finally catching up on my reading, including Future Quest.

I am so much happier.  Issue #4 was still a bit odd, with what are labeled as three separate stories.  While they WERE three distinct stories, with slightly differing creative teams, they flowed almost seamlessly together.  Whereas issue #3 felt like an afterthought, issue #4 felt more unified and everything either advanced or significantly contributed to the larger story arc that is developing.

The issue starts with a brief introduction to the prehistoric hero, Mightor, as he engages the cosmic entity Omikron that we have seen bein...

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Future Quest #3

So, I wanted to take a day or to digest this issue before writing about it.  The more I reflected the more I realized that there is no way to sugar coat this.  This was a MAJOR disappointment.  That having been said, it does require some context.

I have read comics that I may not enjoy an element of, or even the whole book.  This doesn’t mean things are “bad” just not to my taste, I accept it and move on without disappointment.  This time it feels like someone dropped a major ball, and they tossed a couple filler stories together just to get an issue out.  Both stories were good, but I was eagerly awaiting the continuation of the existing story they were already building.

The first Vortex Tale, as they are calling them, focused on Birdman...

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Future Quest #2

As Future Quest #1 came to a close, the path of Johnny Quest and friends was blocked by the appearance of the, Space Ghost!  With words “I will not stop you, I will DESTROY you!!!” We were left to wonder what the boys have done to illicit such venom.

Issue #2 opens on the distant planet of Amzot, where Space Ghost, and other heroes, are battling the entity known as Omikron. Blaming himself for the devastation Omikron has inflicted, Space Ghost enters the hole in space that Omikron created to escape.

Cut back to the Florida Everglades, where young Johnny questions Space Ghost at gunpoint. By “gunpoint” I mean a flare gun, because that seems like a good idea. Space Ghost quickly fades out, and the three confused boys find the object that fell from the sky (in issue #1), a spaceship...

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