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Black Max Volume 1

Writer:          Frank Pepper & Ken Mennell

Artist:            Eric Bradbury & Alfonso Font

Publisher:     Rebellion Publishing

Black Max, the villainous German Ace prowling the skies over the western front is unleashing his greatest secret to bring terror to the British pilots as he seeks his revenge. When Lieutenant Tom Wilson encounters Black Max’s massive, monster bat, he barely survives. Black Max learns that the British Lieutenant survived his crash, and now the Black Baron must silence the courageous pilot before he shares the secret with anyone else.

Black Max is a collection of the serialized story from Thunder (later Lion & Thunder) Magazine from 1970 to 1974.

The pulp fiction tale of aerial combat, gunfights, and monsters is a fun throwback adventure...

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GalaxaFreaks: Dark Vibes #1

Galaxafreaks: Dark Vibes #1


Writer:          Andrew Pawley

Artist:            Andrew Pawley

Colors:           Andrew Pawley

Publisher:     Cosmic Freakout Comics


Meeko is different. She doesn’t look like all of the others, but that’s just the stuff on the surface. She has some special abilities, but she doesn’t share them with the others. They are such a bunch of losers.

When Captain Yeah! finds himself somewhere unexpected, and when he tries to leave he is confronted with one of his greatest nemeses, Fuzz-Muff. He’s been trapped. Will he escape?

When Meeko and Captain Yeah! cross paths who knows what will happen.

Andrew Pawley is the one stop shop for this colorful comic. He writes, he draws, he colors, he publishes…he does it all...

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Ninja-K #11

Ninja-K #11


Writer:          Christos Gage

Artist:            Roberto De La Torre

Colors:           Jose Villarrubia

Letters:         A Larger World Studios

Publisher:     Valiant Entertainment


Colin, better known as Ninjak, is in an impossible situation. He needs to save his friend, The Eternal Warrior, from being possessed by the enigmatic Dying One, but the only lead he has comes with a price tag that he is not sure he can pay. Can he sell out one friend in order to save another?

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Newbury & Hobbes: The Undying

Writer:          George Mann

Artist:            Dan Boultwood

Lettering:      Rob Steen

Publisher:     Titan Comics


Sir Maurice Newbury, the Gentleman Investigator for the Crown, and his assistant, Veronica Hobbes, are on the trail of a kidnapping ring, or so they think. When they confront a group of kidnappers they find there is something altogether more mysterious afoot. Add to it a summons by the Queen, an unusual corpse found by a friend, and a habit of leaping into danger and the duo finds themselves embroiled in a mystery that may prove too challenging for even them.

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Catwoman/Tweety and Sylvester Special #1


Writer:                                  Gail Simone

Artist:                                    Inaki Miranda

Backup Art:                          Walter Carzon

Backup Written By:           Shea Fontana

Cover:                                    Emanuela Lupacchino

Alternate Cover:                 Sandy Jarrell

Publisher:                             DC Comics and Looney Tunes


When Sylvester and Tweety from the Looney Tunes are recruited as the unwitting pawns in a mystical bet, they are flung into the city of Gotham, where they find allies in kindred spirits of a sort...

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