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Vampirella #0

Cover A: Philip Tan

Writer: Paul Cornell

Art: Jimmy Broxton

Beginning a new and VERY different direction! Vampirella was last spotted in 2016 doing what she does best-defending the world from threats both mystic and evil. She hasn’t been seen since. Now, over a thousand years later, she’s poised to make her fateful return, but the world that awaits her is unlike anything she might expect-or want to defend! Written by acclaimed comics, novel and television writer Paul Cornell (This Damned Band, Doctor Who) and illustrated by the masterful Jimmy Broxton (Goldtiger, Knight & Squire), it’s the start of an adventure for Vampirella unlike any she’s had in her long and storied history. Don’t miss the train before it leaves the station!

The last time I really read Vampirella was the 1991 reboot b...

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Red Team: Double Tap, Center Mass #7

Cover: Dan Panosian

Writer: Garth Ennis

Art: Craig Cermak

The missing player finally surfaces as Little Boi Days walks Eddie and Trudy through the story-filling in some very important blanks. Meanwhile, the rich and powerful turn out to have one or two cards left to play-in a game that could well cost Red Team dear.

Minor nitpick.  There is a big ol’ banner across the top this book about reading Benjamin Percy’s James Bond comic.  I get you have to promote your comics, but it’s a bit garish to have it stuck on the cover.  That and I had no clue who Benjamin Percy is.  Just an ugly thing is all on the cover.  Wasn’t interested in this James Bond book before but my neutral feeling turned slightly toward negative because of the ad.

Anyways I digress...

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Red Team: Double Tap, Center Mass #6

Struggling to adjust to their new circumstances, Eddie and Trudy are hunting for Eric Nightingale and his mysterious sister-and hitting one legal brick wall after another. But an unexpected benefactor puts them on the trail of another suspect altogether-question is, is Little Boi Days likely to come quietly?

I’ve been reviewing this series since issue 1 and I’ve been talking about how great the writing is, especially the dialogue.  Well now the art has finally synced up and it’s both working great.  The majority of this issue is talking heads as the 2 lead characters are figuring out a new lead to their mystery but they are also exploring a potential new relationship between each other.

Okay basically the partners have a lot of sex in this issue...

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Army of Darkness/Xena: Forever…and a Day #3

Once more into the breach as Ash is summoned back in time to help Xena. Only this time, he arrives at a point when she was Pirate Xena-scourge of all seven seas! He convinces her to take him on as first mate while they investigate a mysterious island named Eden! But all this time he’s spending with her is making Ash wonder if they might have a future together…you know, after they get done saving the world?

Okayyy…now AOD/X has gotten on my nerves.

Three issues in, and the series is still pounding the same joke. It’s getting old. It’s not funny anymore. Show me some Deadites getting their neck-bones chainsawed, or quit printing the comics.

Art’s still good. Writing’s pretty okay. Ash is smug, Xena’s hot, etc. The story is still very, very basic; this issue doesn’t even end properly...

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Dejah Thoris: Soldier of Memory

Prepare yourself for Dejah Thoris, the exotic heroine of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Warlord of Mars, as you’ve never seen her before! When her father disappears, Dejah Thoris assumes the throne… but she soon stands accused of treason, a victim of a far-reaching conspiracy. Hunted by her people and devastated by a terrible secret from her past, she embarks on a self-imposed exile, assuming a new identity and enlisting as a rookie soldier on the farthest, deadliest borders of Barsoomian civilization. There, the Princess of Mars seeks to unravel the mysteries of the past and clear her name!

I’m a little divided on Edgar Rice Burroughs. His characters are classics of the pulp era; Tarzan and John Carter of Mars have inspired some of the best fantasy artwork of any series, in my opinion – and her...

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