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Sherlock Holmes vs Harry Houdini 3 & 4

The improbable has become the impossible! With
magician Harry Houdini arrested after a blood bath that has left his wife at
the edge of death, detective Sherlock Holmes must overcome his suspicions – and
his demons – to free Houdini and overcome a powerful enemy that commands the
unholy powers of the spirits.

Anthony Del Col
Conor McCreery
Carlos Furuzono
The third and fourth installment of the
series carries on the high benchmark set by the first two issues – as our
mystery deepens and our two leads are put to the test as they face off against
a mighty Russian menace with supposed supernatural powers.
Whilst this is the main thrust of the
issue, it’s really an exploration of two men of their time (yes, I’m aware
Holmes is fictional...
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Sherlock Holmes vs Harry Houdini 2

world’s most famous detective meets the world’s most famous magician… and
death ensues! Famed detective Sherlock Holmes and brash showman Harry Houdini
must combine forces to defeat a mysterious mystic dedicated to destroying
Houdini’s career and killing anyone who gets in his way.
Anthony Del Col
Conor McCreery
Carlos Furuzono
Aikau Oliva
Rob Steen
Dynamite Comics
Writers Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery
knew they had hit gold with the relationship dynamic between Holmes and Houdini
in issue one of this miniseries and it seems they’ve determined that will be
the main draw for the rest of it. Its no so much that the series is lacking
when the two aren’t sharing a scene, its just that when the two central
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