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Looking For Group #1

Cale is your run of the mill, happy go lucky elf looking to become a renowned adventurer to protect the innocent, punish the evil, and become a shining beacon of goodness. Unfortunately, he’s not very bright and his first contact is an evil warlock named Richard who seems hellbent on convincing Cale, that he is really evil he just hasn’t realized it yet. They seem to be getting along quite well until Cale calls Richard “Dick” and Richard incinerates him. Being the kindly warlock he is, and the mayor of a village up the coast, Richard takes Cale’s ashes to find a healer. Curiously, Cale is still talking and annoying our plucky warlock...

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Red Sonja Conan #1

Sonja, the scarlet shocked sword swinging siren, find herself once more heel to toe with the gruff overbearing Cimmerian barbarian Conan in an action packed new series from Dynamite and Dark Horse, brought to us by the fine talents of Gischler and Castro. A stygian sorcerer is on the prowl yet again, this time with a whole army at his back. It’s up to the bickering pair of butchers of the fantasy world to put down this new menace to the Hyborian world. Another unforgettable pairing of our favorite mercenaries from the world of Robert E. Howard.

Conan and Red Sonja teaming up is nothing new. We have seen it before. Maybe a hundred times we have seen it before. It would be tempting to just let this one slide right by, but that would be a mistake...

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Swords of Sorrow: Red Sonja/Jungle Girl 1

Red Sonja is plunged through the Rift to Jana the Jungle Girl’s tropical island, just as paradise is besieged by a terrifying monster that rains down ice and snow with killing cold. Jana, terrified for her homeland, is determined to destroy the source of the magic and return balance to her world – even if that means combating the She-Devil herself! An official tie-in to the epic Swords of Sorrow crossover event, written by celebrated writer Marguerite Bennett.

The best thing I can say about this comic is that the cover is amazing, capturing all the best aspects of both Jana and Sonja in all their glory. The background effects with the water accentuate the finely rendered characters, and the shading makes each muscle in Jana and Sonja stand out...

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Red Sonja 1973

Since her fearless debut in 1973, the She-Devil with a Sword has redefined the fantasy genre thanks to the efforts of acclaimed writers including Gail Simone, Roy Thomas, Luke Lieberman, and Eric Trautmann! Joined by first-time Sonja writer Cullen Bunn and a handful of amazing artists, these titanic talents each contribute tales of derring-do to this supersized, action-packed anthology. Everyone’s favorite red-tressed heroine battles monsters, rivals, and ne’er-do-wells in Hyborian adventures retro-tinted to capture the flavor of her classic comics era!

Red Sonja never gets old.  It is just a fact.  The character has been running strong for over 40 years in one form or another in books, comics and movies since her inception...

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Sherlock Holmes vs Harry Houdini 3 & 4

The improbable has become the impossible! With
magician Harry Houdini arrested after a blood bath that has left his wife at
the edge of death, detective Sherlock Holmes must overcome his suspicions – and
his demons – to free Houdini and overcome a powerful enemy that commands the
unholy powers of the spirits.

Anthony Del Col
Conor McCreery
Carlos Furuzono
The third and fourth installment of the
series carries on the high benchmark set by the first two issues – as our
mystery deepens and our two leads are put to the test as they face off against
a mighty Russian menace with supposed supernatural powers.
Whilst this is the main thrust of the
issue, it’s really an exploration of two men of their time (yes, I’m aware
Holmes is fictional...
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