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Swords of Sorrow: Red Sonja/Jungle Girl #2

Jana and Sonja, along with their new friend from the water tribe, Bel’Lok face off with Mistress Hel who commands very intimidating magic. Sonja trades some barbs with the Mistress but it soon appears they are in over their heads, until Bel’Lok buys them some time with a bit of trickery. The group gets away and we discover that Sonja has a freckle licking fetish. Who Knew? Back at Jana’s tribe they find more trouble in the guise of several male tribesmen who have been infected by Hel’s frost magic. Jana and Sonja wind up for their own variety of kick ass.

Issue two of this Swords of Sorrow team up seemed to offer a bit more interest in the script. Jana’s innocence balanced with Sonja’s scandalous behavior leads to some very amusing breakdowns...

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Swords of Sorrow: Pantha/Jane Porter #1

The debut of this book starts off in the tried and true Swords of Sorrow format.  Pantha is off doing her own thing, killing demons and protecting her people before being offered one of the swords to serve in the coming war.  Flash forward to Jane doing her daredevil routine and generally pissing off the male dominated English establishment.  Enter a red skinned bat winged demoness who kidnaps a member of the crowd.  A few minutes later Pantha also appears and all hell breaks loose for Jane.

Swords of Sorrow is a fun, diverting romp that doesn’t try to be anything else.  Don’t expect a huge amount of complicated plot or character development.  SoS titles really just focus on amusing super heroine beat downs with a massive influx of demonic badasses to fixate their ire on...

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The Shadow: Midnight in Moscow #1

New Year’s, 1950–the end of a tumultuous decade…and Lamont Cranston, the man the world and the underworld know all too well as The Shadow, has had enough. it’s time for the Mysterious Nemesis of Crime to hang up his cloak, his slouch hat, and his twin .45s, and retire from public life. But despite this momentous decision, Margo Laine and the rest of the Shadow’s agents fear that mankind, teetering on the brink of nuclear Armageddon, may not be quite ready to be bereft of the Dark Avenger. 

I didn’t know that they were still making comic books about The Shadow! For those who don’t know, The Shadow is one of the oldest comic book characters in the world. He both predates and was an inspiration for Batman. The Shadow: Midnight In Moscow reads like an old pulp novel...

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Looking For Group #3-5

This review covers Dynamite’s publication of Looking for Group issues 3, 4, and 5.  In issue #3 the epic quest for the sword of truth continues in the apparently empty city of Kethenecia.  It soon becomes apparent that the group must go back to go forward, AGAIN.  Add some mayhem, chaos, a dwarven bard assassin, a duplicitous elf and one humdinger of a choice for Cale’Anon and we have the climax of the issue.

Next up, the group receives a passionate entreaty from a town besieged by elementals, who assures them that they can buy.  That’s believable.  A spanner gets thrown into the works when HCTIB makes a shocking return and curses Richard with an amulet that returns him to “Little Dick” proportions...

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Looking For Group #2

Cale’anon and his band of untrustworthy followers continue their search for the sword of truth, an artifact that everyone in the world but the group seems to know the location of. Following some lore that Crunch has, the group needs to draw out the spirit of a woman known as The Shriek. One catch, only one pure of heart can call her out. For once Cale’s innocence serves the group and he takes a portal back to a time when elves were good and righteous. They were also being overrun other more sinister elves. Cale has lousy timing. At the end of the battle Cale receives two magic swords from the dying king that will (hopefully) lead the group to the city of Kenethecia, the resting place of the mythic sword of truth...

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