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Voltron From the Ashes #1

The evil witch, Haggar drifts through the reaches of space in her coffin dreaming of the final battle between the heroic members of the Voltron team and her army of robeasts. Voltron is worn and the team is tired from the conflict, for each step forward they take, they seem to lose at least one, and when victory is just within reach their enemies multiply. Alas, the witch can only ruminate on the conclusion of the battle as she did not see it for herself.

Jayce and a team of new potential pilots are training for the privilege to pilot the lions, but it’s 200 years since Voltron last flew and they don’t seriously ever expect to need the Space Defender again. Little do they know that a force of conquest hungry aliens are freeing the witch from her life pod...

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Red Sonja Conan #2

Red Sonja awakes bloodied and bruised to find she’s missed the end of an epic battle. As she pieces together what happened, she discovers that Conan is missing and a local wizard has used bloodroot to create a terrible weapon.

There is nothing like waking up under a pile of corpses to get the day off to a lousy start, but that’s exactly the kind of morning Red Sonja is having.  After climbing out from the pile she appears to be suffering from a case of amnesia.  Just as she’s trying to collect her wits, she finds herself jumped by a trio of scavengers.  She’s only got a fourth of her sword but she still thumps them because she is Sonja the She-Devil with a sword (okay part of a sword).  She gets a quick run down from the surviving scavenger...

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Swords of Sorrow: Lady Rawhide/Miss Fury #1

When everything is going wrong, sometimes the only person you can trust is a complete stranger. Can Miss Fury and Lady Rawhide put aside their differences long enough to figure out what’s really going on?

Lady Rawhide and Miss Fury are both attending parties in their respective timelines when assassins strike, the ladies believe that the injured parties are the targets but they are woefully wrong. Revolving doors appear catapulting the pair together for a brief confrontation before having to find off attacks from a dark skinned voodoo priestess and a red skinned bat-winged demoness...

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Swords of Sorrow: Red Sonja/Jungle Girl #2

Jana and Sonja, along with their new friend from the water tribe, Bel’Lok face off with Mistress Hel who commands very intimidating magic. Sonja trades some barbs with the Mistress but it soon appears they are in over their heads, until Bel’Lok buys them some time with a bit of trickery. The group gets away and we discover that Sonja has a freckle licking fetish. Who Knew? Back at Jana’s tribe they find more trouble in the guise of several male tribesmen who have been infected by Hel’s frost magic. Jana and Sonja wind up for their own variety of kick ass.

Issue two of this Swords of Sorrow team up seemed to offer a bit more interest in the script. Jana’s innocence balanced with Sonja’s scandalous behavior leads to some very amusing breakdowns...

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Swords of Sorrow: Pantha/Jane Porter #1

The debut of this book starts off in the tried and true Swords of Sorrow format.  Pantha is off doing her own thing, killing demons and protecting her people before being offered one of the swords to serve in the coming war.  Flash forward to Jane doing her daredevil routine and generally pissing off the male dominated English establishment.  Enter a red skinned bat winged demoness who kidnaps a member of the crowd.  A few minutes later Pantha also appears and all hell breaks loose for Jane.

Swords of Sorrow is a fun, diverting romp that doesn’t try to be anything else.  Don’t expect a huge amount of complicated plot or character development.  SoS titles really just focus on amusing super heroine beat downs with a massive influx of demonic badasses to fixate their ire on...

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