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Doctor Who S8E1

Now *this* is The Doctor I’ve been waiting

**some spoilers ahead**

I’ll admit right up front that Peter Capaldi’s take on The Doctor is much more
to my liking than…let’s say the direction the series seemed to have been
drifting. More ‘ancient alien’, less ‘fangirl boyfriend material’ please.

No slight to Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith, who all did
fine jobs in their turns, but The Doctor is *centuries old*, and he’s an
*alien*. Apologies to all the fangirls, but he’s not something that is terribly
likely to get all weak in the knees over a 20-something girl from Earth.

It’s always good to see our Victorian friends in the form of the Paternoster
Gang: Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint, and Strax, and there are also once again a
few nods to the current popularity ...

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Doctor Who: Deep Breath

The Doctor suffers the usual
regeneration confusion in the first episode of Peter Capaldi’s run, Deep
Much like previous regeneration
episodes of the New Who, we spend most of the time seeing the doctor getting
his head around who he is now. He spends much of the first half of the episode
being confused and forgetful. At the same time Clara spends the first half of
the episode not knowing how to handle The Doctor’s change to an older form.
We touch again on the theme of
Companion abandonment, both physical and emotional, as Clara comes to terms
with The Doctor’s wholesale change and later when he runs off, gets a taste of
that “what now” feeling we’ve seen companions deal with before.
It’s made clear fairly early on
that there will be no hanky-panky with this Doctor, leadin...
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Top 20 Shows of 2013: #10-1

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Matt Smith bows out as The Doctor in this years much awaited Christmas Special, The Time Of The Doctor.

my good God. I’m so glad I didn’t watch this immediately, it would have
spoiled my Christmas buzz. This was not only a total shambles of a
story that packed in a whole bunch of unnecessary sexual innuendo, but
it revisited almost every reference from Smith’s tenure that annoys me.
Ordinarily this is where I would say, “but it was all worth it for the
twenty seconds of Peter Capaldi at the end”, but seriously, it wasn’t.
start with, the relationship between The Doctor and Clara continues to
be confused, with her confirmation she “fancied him” whilst bringing The
Doctor in as a fake boyfriend despite him originally getting the wrong
end of the stick and pretty much saying he’d be up for the real deal. I
must say I am hoping for a dramatic reduction in this sort of thing ...
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Q&A Sessions With Stan Lee, William Shatner, Scott Bakula, Evening Parties, Meet-And-Greets, ‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary Celebration, Marvel Movie Premiere, Costume Contests Highlight Programming At Wizard World Austin Comic Con

Bruce Campbell, Robert
Rodriguez, WWE® Superstar John Cena®, Jewel Staite, Ralph Macchio
Q&A’s, Comics Creator Sessions, Film Festival, Evening Parties,
‘Kids Day’ Among Full Three Days Of Panels And Events

AUSTIN, Texas,  – Question-and-answer sessions with top celebrities like Stan Lee, Bruce Campbell, a dual panel with “Star Trek” captains William Shatner and Scott Bakula, evening parties, a special 50th anniversary celebration of “Doctor Who,” a screening of the new animated film Marvel’s Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United,
meet-and-greets, adult and kids costume contests, film festival and an
array of comics and pop culture themed panels comprise the robust
featured programming schedule at Wizard World Austin Comic Con, Nov.
22-24 at the Austin Convention Center...

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