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Amazing Forest #1

This is a truly eclectic collection of four unique stories…each filled with irony, pathos, humor, unexpected twists, and drama.  All the tales are well-written and very compelling.  The artwork in “Tank” is outstanding; Dufours has managed to give his main characters very expressive faces to gain empathy from us as readers.  I also feel he has done a marvelous job of rendering the tank itself.  Matt Rota does a fair job of illustrating “Wolf Mother”.  His style is a little too primitive for my taste.  Melody Often, who has illustrated “Ronnie the Robot”, has a similar style.  Sakugawa’s artwork for “The Bird Watcher” is extremely crude, and does nothing to complement the narrative. In fact, I found it to be a little distracting.

Here’s a quick synopsis of each o...

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Luna the Vampire #1

Yasmin Sheikh from The Netherlands has created a totally unique comic book character. Her name is Luna and she is a young girl vampire who lives in outer space.  Her best friend is a witch named Helga. Like many other young girls; she obsesses about her body image, her wardrobe, and wants to have a special pet upon which to dote.  And –strangely enough – these are the topics you’ll find in the very first issue of this campy new comic book series.

The stories are short and fast-paced.  The artwork is very primitive and reminiscent of the style one would expect to find on Nickelodeon Jr. or Cartoon Network.  Not exactly my style…but it suits the absurd subject matter...

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Archie Comics Double Digest #265

Here’s your chance to get nearly forty stories featuring your favorite guys and gals from Riverdale High. That’s 190 total pages of good clean fun and harmless mayhem! Each classic tale is short and “to the point”. The artwork is colorful and consistent. This collection is highly recommended for those who have grown up with Archie and his friends, as well as those new readers discovering the antics of these loveable teenagers for the very first time!

Here’s a sampling of some of the stories…
1. “LOVE AT FIRST FIGHT” – It’s Valentine’s Day and all of Riverdale is bedecked in Hearts, Cupids, and beautiful Red Roses. However, Archie and Reggie spoil the romantic mood by fighting over Veronica, who vows to teach them each a valuable (and costly) lesson.

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Mickey Mouse: Gift of the Sun Lord

Ready for another family-friendly compilation of stories featuring Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Goofy? The New Year kicks off with a fun collection of five stories originally published in IDW’s “Mickey Mouse” comic book, issues #4 through #6.
Here’s the run-down:

1. “The Gift of the Sun Lord” – Mickey and Goofy travel to the jungles of Central America in an effort to rescue Dr. Giorno Geometro and Professor Eurasia Toft. Our intrepid heroes survive a helicopter crash, then encounter a ferocious spotted leopard, before landing in a bed of quicksand. Fortunately, Eurasia finds them and frees them from their predicament.

Then the three adventurers successfully turn the damaged copter into a Hovercraft, and set out to find the legendary Temple of Xamoc...

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Archie 75 Series: Betty’s Diary

Celebrating 75 memorable years of Riverdale’s favorite teenagers, this special one shot issue reprints eleven stories that were originally published between 1986 and 1990. These are heart-felt and heartwarming tales, dealing with the issues of true friendship, integrity and honesty, peer pressure, maintaining a positive attitude, and embracing family relationships. Betty Cooper has always embodied the sweet and innocent girl-next-door and has courage enough to share her innermost feelings, her dreams, and her day-to-day hardships through her diary entries. Yes, it’s another Archie comic. But there are plenty of important messages here for young and old readers, alike.

The writers here have done an admirable job in developing Betty’s character and maintaining it through all the stories...

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