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Scooby Apocalypse #16

Scooby Apocalypse #15 finally revealed to us where all the zombified mutants were marching, and it wasn’t good. Scrappy-Doo discovered the army combining into a single giant monster, at which point we are promised a story called “Attack of the Giant Thingee!” (but they promised a better title). Issue #16 is instead “The Sacrifice.” I liked the other title better.

Scrappy-Doo is still watching the Giant Thingee (because I now insist on it calling it that) from a farmhouse roof, when the Scooby Gang show up following Scooby (whose canine senses have been picking up the signal controlling the mutants). Scrappy confronts the group in a surprisingly peaceable manner, but they are interrupted when the Thingee starts to stand.

I’ll skim past the details of the confrontation, and touch ...

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Scooby Apocalypse #15

Scooby Apocalypse #15 drops us straight into the action of a shocking confrontation we’ve all been waiting for (or so they tell us), as Scrappy-Doo’s pack of dogs encircle Scooby-Doo, whom they have been hunting for numerous issues. Before they can really do anything, however, they get called away by Scrappy, who has his own problems.

Scrappy, Velma, and Daphne have turned from enemies to unwilling allies, as the monster horde they were all following suddenly woke from a zombie-like stupor and attacked the group...

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Batman/Elmer Fudd #1

Writer: Tom King
Artist: Lee Weeks
Colors: Lovern Kindzierski
Publisher: DC

Elmer Fudd has come to Gotham, and he’s hunting wabbits.

The whole joke of Batman/Elmer Fudd seems to be to do a classic film noir murder mystery, but with Looney Toons characters. To this end, Elmer fudd has come to Gotham to kill a gangster known as Bugs, who he believed killed his beloved Silver St. Cloud, but Bugs says he was hired by Bruce Wayne. The plot thickens as Fudd visits hard places with hard people and walks down empty streets as rain pours down on him and his narration reveals the heart of a broken man with nothing to lose.

The joke doesn’t outstay its welcome, even if it is kind of a one-trick pony...

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Scooby Apocalypse #14

Scooby Apocalypse #14 has a lot of important development going on. At the end of #13, the gang is joined by Daisy, Velma’s sister-in-law, who brings an outside viewpoint to the group dynamic. We also have Scrappy Doo being promoted from backup stories into the main plotline.

Over the last few issues, a number of characters have noted that the post apocalyptic monsters have been acting oddly. As the group discusses possible reasons, Scooby tells them that he can also hear the signal that is drawing these creatures.

Scrappy Doo is also trying to figure out what is causing the zombie-like mass migration but, for some reason, doesn’t seem to hear the signal that Scooby does. Eventually, Scrappy crosses paths with Scooby, Velma, and Daphne...

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Super Sons #4

In what seems to be a break in tradition, the prologue for issue #4 is NOT a Kid Amazo scene. Instead, it’s split between the Kent Farm and Wayne Manor, as Lois Lane and Alfred attempt to wake our young heroes to start their respective days.

Elsewhere, Robin and Superboy are chained up, bickering (as usual), and at the mercy of Kid Amazo and his duplicates. After a reasonable amount of required villainous monologuing, the boys rescue Kid Amazo’s unconscious family and escape, with the help of SuperLex (who I guess is going by “Superman” now?).  After safely depositing the family away from the action, the boys return to assist Luthor, and the three finally defeat Kid Amazo with the further help of his sister Sara.

The issue, and story arc, ends with Lois and Alfred standing in Sup...

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