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Animethon 22


I have a confession to make.  Actually I’ve made it before: I’m not really an anime guy.

That being said, anime conventions are an interesting sort of event.  They seem to have, overall, a more relaxed atmosphere.  If there’s an outside space, it’s full of cosplayers quite literally dancing and having a good time, unlike some conventions, where you dare not leave the venue for fear of not being able to get back in.

In the olden days, Animethon used to start mid-day on a Friday but, as it grew and people started showing up earlier and earlier, they started programming earlier.  As a result, I missed most of the first day due to the real world, but I was able to get there in time for the big Flow concert.

For those who are like me and like pictures, sorry, you’re out of luck...

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Gen Con 2015

I have a confession to make. As nerdy as I am, I never thought I’d go to an event like GenCon.

I honestly don’t exactly know what to write, it was an enormous event, and no matter how much I wrote I will have missed more then I touch on. That actually was a bit of a theme for my weekend. Through a variety of circumstances I think I ended up missing more games than I actually played.

As I may have mentioned this was my first GenCon, and GenCon is kinda big. So I spent most of my first day trying to find my way around. I was scheduled to compete in the Munchkin tournament, but 45 minutes of looking for the tables later I had missed it...

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Steampunk Ball Interview


I have a confession to make:  as much as I enjoy the Steampunk aesthetic I’ve never really gotten involved with it, until now.  I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down at The Coffee Bureau in downtown Edmonton, Alberta and talk to steampunk artisan, and founding member of the Edmonton Steampunk Group, Melissa Wartenberg.

GoR: Let’s start with the basics: what is Steampunk?

Mel: What is steampunk?  Steampunk is commonly referred to as Neo-Victorian science fiction, with an emphasis on innovation, creativity, and invention.

GoR: So it’s more than “when goth meets brown?

Mel: I would say so, yes.  That’s a a creative way of summing it up...

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Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight: Twilight Arcana: Queens of the Twelve Realms


I have a confession to make. I don’t like tarot cards, i think that the seriousness with which their practitioners treat their craft is kinda creepy. So when I learned that they were making a game based on tarot cards, I was skeptical. But as I read through the Kickstarter page I started to become more intrigued.

Twilight Arcana is based on the children’s game Sleeping Queens by Gamewrite, and was developed with their blessing. Players take turns trying to gain influence over the 12 Queens, through a variety of different ways. The game is a player vs player model, with a strong element of luck, as well as strategy, involved. A player in the lead one turn can easily find themselves falling behind in the next.

The artwork on the cards is stellar, based on a medieval fantasy theme...

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Cypher System


I have a confession to make. When I’m playing an RPG, any RPG, I sometimes wonder what it would be like to run that game in a totally different setting and genre.

From the Introduction to the Cypher System Rulebook:
“A cypher is a secret. It’s something that not everyone understands. It holds potential. Promise.
The Cypher System Rulebook came about because we published a game called Numenera, and then another called The Strange. These were quite popular, both for their settings and for their rules. They shared the same basic game engine: the Cypher System...

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