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Beyond the Gates of Antares


Beyond the Gates of Antares is Warlord Games’s science fiction wargame, written by Rick Priestley of Warhammer fame.


I was lucky enough to get a demo of this great new miniatures wargame on the day of it’s release this past weekend. My friendly local gaming store had cracked open the Xilos Horizon Starter Set, and prepped a table with terrain.  The Starter Set, while not really cheap, is a great value giving you 99.8% of what you need to play a 2 player game right out of the box.  It comes with the full hardcover rulebook, a full set of order dice (more on that later) a whack of D10s, a few other dice, all the tokens templates and such you might need, as well as 2 factions worth of miniatures.  Oddly the one thing it doesn’t come with, is a bag for the order dice...

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Secret Santa


Ho Ho Ho.  It’s now past Thanksgiving in the U.S. or as it’s known to the rest of the world: Thursday. More importantly, it is the time of year that people can start posting things about the holiday season without the “one-holiday-at-a-time crowd” going ape.  Therefore I am happy to kick things off with a review of Secret Santa by Osprey Publishing.

Secret Santa is a simple card game of competitive gift giving for 4-8 players.  The object of the game is to give away all your presents as quickly as possible, to prove you are a better person then everyone else.  Because that IS the point of the season right?

Fun Christmas theme aside, this is a fairly simple trick taking card game...

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Star Realms Game & Tournament

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I like to describe Superfight as Cards Against Humanity with fights.  The comparison is hard NOT to make.  Visually the core set is simple black cards and white cards, and functionally they are combined to create an amusing outcome, very similar to CAH.  Older versions, and some current variants, of the rules actually played much closer to CAH then the current ruleset I’ll describe here.

The current ruleset consists of a series of one-on-one contests, with the winner remaining in the game and the next player entering to challenge them.  Player One draws three white (character) and three black (attribute) cards.  Player Two does the same.  They each pick a single white and black card, playing them facedown in front of them...

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Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight: “Catan” Real Wood Edition

“Catan” Real Wood Edition – The premium solid wood release.


Do you like Settlers of Catan?  If you don’t (and those people exist) you probably know someone who does.  Do you like games that offer exceptionally high quality game pieces?  Who doesn’t?

Seriously, check this project out.  Here’s the highlights: Solid wood board pieces, that latch together perfectly. Number tokens that are set into the board, not onto it (again, wood). The (still wood) Robber piece fits over the numbers.  At this point either nothing moves, or everything does.  No more realigning pieces because the table gets bumped.

The campaign levels are well thought out, with several lower level options designed to upgrade you existing Catan game with real wooden pieces, or the wood board...

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