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Shinobi Clans


Shinobi Clans is an interesting strategic card game of ninja warfare from Postman Studios.

The basics of the games aren’t overly complex, over the course of three rounds there are a number of randomly selected Targets with randomly selected Rewards for their death or survival.  Each player then chooses two secret Contracts to take, to either assassinate or protect a specific Target.  Players then draft their hand of cards with those Contracts in mind.

Gameplay from there is pretty simple as well. Players place Ninja cards (mostly Assassins or Guardians, with a few other types) face down on various Targets, and weapons face down to the left (for Guardians) or right (for Assassins) of the Target to be used by the ninjas...

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The Kobold Guide to Board Game Design


The Kobold Guide to Board Game Design is a wonderful collection of essays about (shockingly) designing board games. Editor and Lead Author Mike Selinker has gathered a veritable pantheon of legendary designers to impart their wisdom upon you, the humble reader.

While “a collection of essays” may sound a bit dull, one must keep in mind that these folk are very good at what they do.  Of course at the heart of what they do is entertain people.  Each essay is as witty and entertaining as the next. Being full of great information while showing us glimpses of the humour and personality that makes these designer’s games so wonderful.

Part 1: Concepting – “In which we figure out what games to make, who will play those games, and what impressions we will leave them with.”

James Ernest, Richard G...

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Ever heard of a Praedor Carnificis?  How about Curantis Lepusculus? No?  Well, these are just a handful of the scientific names of creatures that can come about from Evolution.

No, I’m not talking about Darwinian Theory here, I’m talking about Evolution, by North Star Games.  Evolution is a wonderful strategy game in which you must find a balance between the semi-random amounts of food that all players share, and creating species that will (hopefully) thrive and multiply while eating those resources, and possibly each other.

Every player starts with a single Species Board, and a hand of Trait Cards, and a bag to put eaten food in to keep most of your points hidden.  Trait Cards have multiple functions, the first of which is food production...

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Owl Hoot Trail

To ride the owl-hoot trail: to take up as an outlaw. – American Old West idiom

Take a little western and a little fantasy, and shuffle them together and you get the wonderful Role Playing Game from Pelgrane Press called Owl Hoot Trail.  The game is well written, reasonably simple, and a lot of fun.  Published in 2013, the book consists of 2 parts: the rules, and an multi part adventure.  The Pelgrane Press website also has a handful of downloadable resources to help make running and playing the game even easier.

The rules run pretty standard, which is part of the point, it’s a simple system and it works well.  In case you’ve never played an RPG, you start by creating a character...

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Christmas Trivia Game


Do you LOVE Christmas songs?  Do you deck your halls with the best of them?  Do you know your Christmas movies inside and out? Would you fit right in at the North Pole?  Then this is a game for you.

The Christmas Trivia Game from Outset Media Games is as simple as it gets.  220 cards, 4 categories of questions, first player to answer 2 questions correctly in each category wins.

That’s it. Simple.  No dice, no board, no high strategy, just straight Christmas knowledge.  As with any trivia game some of the questions are easy, some are hard.  There is some crossover between categories, but that isn’t really unusual for a theme trivia game.  A lot of things can easily slide between the four categories of Christmas Carol, Holiday Traditions, Xmas Entertainment, and the North Pole (misc)...

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