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Emerald City ComicCon 2016 Roundup


I love geeky things. If you are reading this on geekorama.net there is a good chance you do too. There is a similarly good chance that nothing you are about to read is going to come as a giant surprise. If it is a surprise, you should look around, and find an opportunity to experience what I have.

Emerald City ComicCon is not my first convention. As long as I don’t get crushed by a bus thrown by a supervillian, it won’t be my last. It was however one of the few times I have attended as something other than a volunteer. Volunteering is a great way to attend events when you are on a limited budget, and it can be great fun too. Seriously. Go volunteer.

But I digress. ECCC isn’t just a comic convention, it’s one of the BIG ones...

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Paul Allor Interview

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Aub Driver Interview

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Camilla d’Errico Interview

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Give Me the Brain


Give Me The Brain is a discard-style card game from the fine folks at Cheapass Games.

For those who enjoy a bit of history, Cheapass Games started in the mid-nineties selling simple black and white games, without all the common components that you probably already own.  By removing things like pawns, markers, money, and the like, James Ernest was able to focus on making fun games, at an affordable price.  CAG has undergone a number of evolutions since then, and currently is producing “deluxe” editions of some of their older games, as well as a number of new and exciting games.

Give Me The Brain is one of several games taking place in Friedey’s, the Fast Food Restaurant of the Damned...

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