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Groo: Friend & Foes – Vol 1

For those who read Geek-O-Rama regularly, you may have noticed that my name pops up almost exclusively on Tabletop Gaming articles, and event photos on the Facebook page.  That’s because I generally don’t read comics anymore.  Not because I don’t enjoy them, simply because I no longer have the time, money, or space to do so.  But there are two characters that I have kept up with to some extent, as their print runs continue.  Both have been around since I was very young, and certainly since before I was a collector.  The first is Usagi Yojimbo, Stan Sakai’s samurai rabbit who’s next collected edition comes out in July from Dark Horse Comics.  Oddly, Stan Sakai is the lettering part of one of the longest running creative teams in comic history...

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Pixel Tactics


Pixel Tactics is a bit of a challenging game to review.  Why? Because since it’s 2012 release it has expanded and spawned numerous supplemental rule variants, stand-alone sequels, mini expansions, promo cards, and a deluxe box to store and organize all of the afore mentioned stuff (with room to grow).  When you combine the sets you can play with a prebuilt deck, a custom deck, draft rules, or a random mixed deck.

At it’s core Pixel Tactics is a two player tactical combat game. It takes place in Level 99’s World of Indines setting which encompasses a number of their games, sharing characters between them.

When you play with any one of the stand-alone editions both players use an identical 25 card deck...

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Citadels is a card drafting and set collection game from Fantasy Flight Games, in which players compete to build a city of at least eight district cards, to gain the most points.

To do this, each round the players will draft a unique character card. Each with a set turn order and a unique power.  Except in a 7 or 8 player game, not every character is available to draft each round, with the only the King (almost) always available.  Which character you choose determines the order of play from there, as each character is revealed that player may take his turn.  On a players turn they may either gain two gold or draw two city cards (returning one to the bottom of the deck), then build (usually) one district card in their city if they wish.

Each character in the game has a unique power, whi...

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Age of War



Age of War is a dice game (with some cards) from Fantasy Flight Games.  Each player represents a Daimyo in feudal Japan, trying to conquer castles and reunite clans.

This game is inexpensive, compact, simple, and most of all fun.  There are 14 castle cards on the table.  Players take turns rolling seven dice, They then choose one “battle line” on one castle card to fill with the results, and reroll the remaining dice.  Once a castle has been chosen that player may only play on that card. If they can not, or will not, use a roll, the lose one die and roll again.  A player’s turn ends when they have either succeed in filling all the battle lines on their chosen castle, or failed by losing all their rollable dice...

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Dragon Dice


Flashback to the mid 1990s:  Magic: The Gathering was in it’s infancy, and the concept of Collectible Card Games had boomed, largely busted, and was rebuilding. Toy Story was about to revolutionize computer animation.  The internet was generally accessed by slow, external, dialup modems. It was basically the stone age.

It was into this world that TSR introduced the Collectible Dice Game known as Dragon Dice, to some degree of critical acclaim. By the dawn of the new millennium TSR had been purchased by Wizards of the Coast, who eventually mothballed the game.  Enter the newly founded SFR Inc who purchased the rights to Dragon Dice, and continues to produce it today.

As previously mentioned, Dragon Dice is a Collectable Dice Game in which a player creates an army out of a selection of...

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