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Scrimshaw #1

Captain Hans Tanaka and his mutant valet, Saigo head into town for some drinks and to bid on a piece of stolen property. When the company it was stolen from wants its property back, Hans, Saigo, and the rest of the crew find themselves on the run from the powerful Tanto corporation.

The main thing I like about this book is the world building.  It has a strong Cyberpunk or Shadowrun feel to it.  The Cyberpunk genre is mainly about “high tech low lifes”.  I grew up playing the RPGs and reading a lot of William Gibson so I’m rather partial to the concept.

The first issue nice and quickly builds the status quo for this future world plagued by melted polar ice caps and corporation city states...

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Red Team: Double Tap, Center Mass #4

A trip down memory lane takes us back to the beginnings of Red Team, as Duke and George eye up some fresh new NYPD talent. Meanwhile, the search of Little Boi Days’ home yields some surprising results – and brings Eddie and Trudy to the brink of disaster.

This issue takes time out of the main plot to fill in the back story of partners Trudy and Eddie.  It all builds really well and pays off with a surprise ending but a couple of minor issues stick out to be annoying and prevents it from being a totally satisfying read.

The first and foremost issue is that I still get the sinking feeling that it’s needed to have read the first Red Team book to get the most out of the story...

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Romulus #1

Our world isn’t free. All of us, for generations, have lived under the secret control of The Ancient Order of Romulus. One young woman, raised by them, trained by them, betrayed by them, must push through her fear to take a stand against the silent evil that masters our world. Her name is Ashlar, and her war begins with the brutal first chapter of the new Image series ROMULUS, from writer BRYAN HILL (POSTAL) and artist NELSON BLAKE II (MAGDELENA).

Funny thing is the ad copy for this book (above) tells you more than the first issue.  The first half of the comics is all captioned flashbacks to fill in the reader and then there is a fight.  Problem is the setup is too clichéd to stand alone without some good character bits or just interesting story telling to make it stand out...

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Star Trek: Waypoint #1

A blockbuster bi-monthly anthology to celebrate 50 years of STAR TREK, featuring short stories across all Treks, by the top talent of today and yesterday!

First, a NEXT GENERATION story by Donny Cates and Mack Chater. Unable to decipher a mysterious ship’s coded messages, Starfleet has enlisted its two greatest scientific minds, Captain Geordi La Forge and his best friend Data, to investigate. What they discover will alter the course of scientific human history as we know it!

Then, an ORIGINAL SERIES story by Sandra Lanz, where a crewmember, stranded on a strange planet, encounters a bizarre alien creature. They must learn how to interact, but how?

A “waypoint” is a stopping place on a long journey...

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Red Team: Double Tap, Center Mass #3

Eddie and Trudy start realizing just how deep they’re in, as the extent of Eric Nightingale’s influence becomes clear. Eric has agreed to wear a wire-but will the evidence he gathers help or hinder our heroes’ investigation? And will the complications of their personal lives throw a further spanner in the works?

After 3 issues of this story I’m still enjoying it.  At this point only a few minor nitpicks have emerged about this story.

That said the dialogue is star of this story.  For example, there has been an error with the PDF review copy of this issue and the last issue where the page was showing blank, but the dialogue could still be read.  With just dialogue on the page I was still able to follow the story and it didn’t really slow up my enjoyment too much.

As for the dialogue...

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