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The Greatest Adventure #1

In ancient days, Jason gathered the greatest heroes of his age and set out on the ultimate sea voyage. Now, in Tarzan’s era, Jason Gridley does the same. The greatest heroes of the Edgar Rice Burroughs universe come together as the crew of the good ship Venture, with none other than Tarzan as their captain. It’s a race this time, against a battleship of dark hearted villains, and the fate of many worlds hangs in the balance.

I don’t know if I am the best to review this because my last review was on Dynamite’s book Sovereigns where they were putting together all the old Gold Key characters like Turok and Magnus.  This book is the same but this time it was more with all the Edgar Rice Burroughs characters...

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Sovereigns #0

The beginning of an epic tale that will change everything you know about some of comicdom’s greatest and longest-tenured heroes! Solar, Magnus, Dr. Spektor & Turok! Apart, they’ve saved countless lives a hundred times over. Together, they form a team that has protected the world in the past, present and future. Now, they will be reunited one last time to face a threat that will forever change their legacy and bring them face to face with their final destiny!

Plus! Three backup features introducing the all-new, all-different, never before seen heroes, Magnus, Turok and Dr. Spektor. Wait-what?!

Okay I did get a tad confused when I first opened this book.  Even though it said Dynamite on the cover I thought this was a Valiant book because well it has Solar, Mangus, Dr...

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Red Team: Double Tap, Center Mass #8

Cover: Dan Panosian

Writer: Garth Ennis

Art: Craig Cermak

Trudy and Eddie face an unexpected problem, as the real cost of their dangerous choices start to become clear. But even that’s nothing to the explosion of deadly violence that follows, and soon our heroes are up to their necks in trouble of the worst kind. And that’s when Trudy has a very risky idea…

At this point the story is almost at an end with 1 issue left to go and even the solicits aren’t very helpful to inform a new reader.  I am just trying to point out this wouldn’t be the best jumping on point for a reader...

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Vampirella #1

Cover A: Philip Tan

Writer: Paul Cornell

Art: Jimmy Broxton

After a sleep of over a thousand years, Vampirella finds herself back among the land of the living, but in a world far different than the one she remembers, where hope is laced with fear and blood has a far different taste. And speaking of taste, finding an appropriate outfit for the era leads our fanged fatale to a chance encounter that will garner her not one but two potential allies.

As I was looking online to get the ad copy above (some PDFs aren’t as friendly to get that out) I found an interesting problem that touched on an issue I mentioned in my review of Issue 0.  When I did a google search for Vampirella #1, I of course got a hit on the very first Vampirella from 1969 and on the Dynamite site I got the 2010 reboot...

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Interview with Judit Tondora

1. How are you enjoying drawing such iconic characters like Wonder Woman and the Bionic Woman?

Honestly, this is one of the toughest challenges that I’ve ever faced but I really enjoy drawing these characters and this series. This is really fun work. The TV shows have their characteristic features and I must carefully stick to the given material by any means. However, I use a more cartoony style to help the flow, but I had to find the key features of all of the characters to make them recognizable without dealing too much with the artwork. Andy Mangels, the writer of the book, helps me a lot, actually, to create better and better looking pages. He has great ideas and gives me fantastic suggestions about the actions and the overall look of the comic.

2. To follow up on Question 1, what is...

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