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Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Secret House of the Night of Dread Desire

A celebrated send-up of gothic literature, beautifully adapted into a dark, brooding, and oddly comical graphic novel. Somewhere in the night, a raven caws, an author’s pen scratches, and thunder claps. The author wants to write nonfiction: stories about frail women in white nightgowns, mysterious bumps in the night, and the undead rising to collect old debts. But he keeps getting interrupted by the everyday annoyances of talking ravens, duels to the death, and his sinister butler.

I’m not going to gush about Neil Gaiman’s writing, since he’s pretty much received all the accolades a writer can get without achieving critical mass and undergoing a nuclear reaction. So I’ll just tell you, the writing is good...

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Mae Vol 1

When she was just a girl, Abbie discovered a portal to a fantasy world and has since had great adventures there: defeating horrible monsters, power-mad scientists, and evil nobles. But when she turned twenty-one it all came apart and she decided to return home. Her sister, Mae, had no idea what happened to Abbie all this time, and Abbie’s tales are too hard to believe—that is, until the monsters and other terrible creatures start to cross over to our world.

What better way is there to get back into a title that you absolutely loved than a complete volume? Well, perhaps not losing track of it in the first place would have been preferable. Regardless, I have the chance to immerse myself in the amazing series Mae with this collected first volume.

If this is your first time learning about...

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The Shadow Glass TPB

A young student to England’s greatest occultist learns her real father is in league with the devil. When Rose finds out that the man who raised her isn’t her father, she ignores his warnings about the terrible secrets of her own past and seeks answers from childhood teacher Dr. John Dee, the queen’s occult adviser.

I really enjoy when I find out after finishing a book that it has basis in real life events. I think it’s even more interesting when this is the case with a book you’d never expect that from. Although it’s not completely factual, knowing that any part of The Shadow Glass is intriguing.

Young Rosalind is an adventurous, even a bit rebellious spirit, but a good daughter nonetheless. Her world is completely turned upside down when she learns that her father is dying...

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The Art of Gears of War 4

The Gears of War series has revolutionized third-person shooter action with its gorgeous environments, iconic characters, and brutal action. Now to commemorate the continuation of the Gears epic, Dark Horse Books and The Coalition present The Art of Gears of War 4. Featuring hundreds of individual pieces of art, finished renders, and commentary from the game’s creators, this gorgeous volume is a must-have item for veteran Gears and rookies alike!

While I may not be personally familiar with this game series, I know just how huge it is. Even those like myself who may not have played can’t deny how good it must be with four games out. As part of the praise it probably deserves, we get a companion with The Art of Gears of War 4.

This art book approaches it a little different, seemingly spl...

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House of Penance TPB

A horrific take on the true story of the Winchester haunted house and one woman’s mission to wash away the blood curse of the Winchester rifle from claiming her own life and soul.

This is a tale of guilt, ghosts, and guns . . . of how fortune brings misfortune as a grim and determined woman oversees the construction of a house twenty-four hours a day for twenty years, with the simple motto of keep busy building or get busy dying.

A lot of books have crossed my path and range all levels of enjoyment from magnificent to meh. Some of these I’ve judged how much I’d like it and typically that has stayed true til the end. With House of Penance however, I had no clue just what I’d think of it by the time I finished.

So what exactly is the House of Penance you might wonder? It’s part horror, ...

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