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Zombie Tramp Vol 10 Issue #32 + Vol 11 Issue #33

Now that we know of Xula’s secret alliance with Kaiju Queen, will she prove her worthiness in the next task that has been laid out for her? Fan favorite voodoo priestess Xula gets the spotlight!

It’s been a couple months since our last outing with this title, so bear with me as we bundle a couple together. While they are parts of different arcs, they’re still connected enough that it’s not a problem. That being said, we close out one arc with issue thirty-two and begin a new with thirty-three of Zombie Tramp.

Closing out the “Gory Road” arc featuring Vampblade, Zombie Tramp absolutely dominates the werewolf she faces. Vampblade also manages very easily against her fishy foe, and the two ladies part ways once again...

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Dollface #3

Dollface and company finally arrived to their destination of the mystical necronomicon book. But will Zombie Tramp hand it over without a fight?

Every good story needs a bit of history with some backstory to help the audience connect. Without it we’d be left with questions that would leave us feeling unfilled and probably lost. Moving into the third issue of Dollface, we see more of what has led to the tale as it stands today.

After Lila’s encounter with the cruel witch Elva from her past, Ivan gives a hand in tracking her down. With the recently installed upgrades, Lila manages to take down Elva with little trouble. Ivan is sadly killed in the melee, and we see how they managed to “save” him and end up in his ghostly form.

This latest issue is the book you want to view when it comes to...

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Dollface: St. Patrick’s Day Special 2017

Lila’s first St. Patrick’s Day celebration at a local pub is quickly interrupted by a disgruntled leprechaun out for revenge.

I can’t help but laugh at the irony that I just happened to write this up today of all days. Honestly, I didn’t plan this, it just kind of happened this way. Maybe it was just luck that I’m doing my review of Dollface: St. Patrick’s Day Special 2017 exactly when I should be.

Lila aka Dollface and friends are out for drinks on St. Patrick’s Day, where we learn she even lived in Ireland for a while. The festivities are cut short when a leprechaun set out for revenge crashes the party. All the weapons in Lila’s doll body can’t take him down, as he’ll just keep coming back...

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Amerikarate #1

Sam Kickwell was the best of the best–until a terrible karate accident involving his brother and ninjas convinced him to hang up his black belt. Now he and his appendage-less sibling have moved to a town that has outlawed martial arts; a place they can finally be at peace—until the fateful day his enemies arrive, forcing him back into the only life he’s ever known: Karate fighting for America.

Rather than judging a book by its cover, I decided to judge it by the title. I suppose I should have known that could be just as much of a mistake. As amusing as the first issue of Amerikarate sounded, it didn’t live up to the hype I gave it.

With his limbless brother in tow, the former karate expert Sam Kickwell land in a town that bans martial arts...

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Infinite Seven #2

Somehow Anthony Zane has killed top assassin, Smash Brannagan. Now he has 72 hours to prove that he is a worthy replacement… and his fate will be decided in THE OCTAGON.

Kill. Replace. Kill. Replace. Trial by combat. Membership or death. Pretty simple rules, but not ones that any teenage boy would be prepared to deal with. Whether or not he’s ready, the newest member of Infinite Seven will have to face his fate in the second issue.

Accidental or not, the fact remains that Anthony killed Smash Brannagan and is next in line to hold that moniker. It is the way of the assassin group for over 200 years as we learn here. Entering The Octagon, Anthony must prove himself worthy of taking the mantle, or die trying.

In good old Danger Zone fashion, we continue with the no holds barred art that be...

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