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Action Lab: Danger Zone miniseries nominated for three awards

Pittsburgh, P.A.-The Final Plague, Action Lab’s story of a rural Iowan
family attempting to survive the initial onslaught of crazed, rabid
animals, presumably the product of a mutated super-virus, has taken the
world by storm. The series, written by J.D.Arnold (Top Shelf’s BB Wolf
and the 3 LPs) and artist Tony Guaraldi-Brown (Tales of Red Hot Horror)
has been nominated in three categories, Best Mini Series and Best Scene,
while series letterer Chris Fenoglio  was also nominated for Best
Letterer  in the 2013 Horror Comic Awards.

“A huge THANK YOU to everyone on the nominating board, all the great
people at Action Lab, and to my fellow creators Tony Guaraldi-Brown and
Chris Fenoglio! We are very hon...

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Zombie Tramp Vol. 2

She used to be Hollywood’s hottest high priced call
girl.  Then a bite from an undead client
changed her into something deadly different. 
Now she searches for answers. 
Janey Belle is the…Zombie Tramp.
One might immediately be thrown off by
the concept of a book like this.  I mean,
let’s be honest, it’s a very risqué topic to write a comic about.  Having read enough titles from the Danger
Zone courtesy of Action Labs, I was confident that Zombie Tramp would be
good.  In the end, this confidence proved
to be right.
This is certainly outside the box for a
zombie book.  Granted, there have been a
multitude of variations to the popular genre, but this is one of the most
unique I’ve seen lately.  You’d think
that it would just be boobs and gore, but it seems to be leading t...
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Action Lab continues expansion with digital debuts in October!

Action Lab Entertainment, which recently added the mature readers
line Danger Zone, to its Eisner-nominated and ever-growing catalog,
continues to grow its well-received creator-owned offerings with brand
new titles debuting digitally and in new formats this fall.
Released in conjunction with ComiXology at NYCC, the
publisher debuted two new titles, and new installments, in the digital
provider’s revolutionary new guided view technology. Guided view gives
readers the ability to experience comic books in a seamless new format
on screens and devices in a more immersive cinematic style.  And now,
Action Lab follows that up with more new titles debuting exclusively in
digital formats, from multiple applications, each week this October!
Here’s the line-up and schedule for our exciti...
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When zombie animals attack!

In most zombie tales, the threat is from the ravenous hordes of brain-eating walking dead; but what if the threat came from reanimated members of the animal kingdom, not from other people? This is the 
question ACTION LAB: DANGER ZONE’S THE FINAL PLAGUE asks, as a small rural family in Iowa, and people across the country, are attacked by increasingly feral and bloodthirsty animals and forced to fight for their lives.
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Action Lab Outlines Continued Growth for 2013 and Beyond!

At its first ever panel at Comic-Con
International, cutting-edge independent publisher Action Lab Entertainment announced not only a number of its
upcoming new releases for late 2013 and into 2014, but also its launching of
the “Return of the Hero”—a number of titles intended at pushing the boundaries
of what a superhero story can be.

At the Saturday evening panel, the Action Lab’s
top staff showed the audience a presentation featuring highlights of its future
projects. The publisher also brought out many creators from its growing stable
of creator-owned talent, including name talent from comics, toys, and other media,
to share about their exciting new works!
For all-ages readers, the Eisner-nominated Princeless returns, beginning with an
encore release of the original mi...
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