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Itty Bitty Bunnies In Rainbow Pixie Candy Land Save X-Mas

Itty Bitty Bunnies creator and cartoonist extraordinaire Dean Rankine lives down under, where Christmas is celebrated in the summer, so it makes perfect sense for his depraved creations to go on a holiday adventure now stateside. It also makes sense to the Bunnies to cook up a big batch of meth to help fund their Yuletide activities!

In between all the many books of fantasy adventures, sci-fi epics and superheroes it’s inevitable to run into off the wall titles.  Off the wall, crazy, completely bizarre, among many other things.  That’s pretty much what Itty Bitty Bunnies is, and that insanity continues with their latest in Itty Bitty Bunnies In Rainbow Pixie Candy Land Save X-Mas.

Compared to my last encounter with the Bunnies, this new book has a bit more of an actual story...

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Zombie Tramp Vol 3 Issue 2

She used to be Hollywood’s hottest high priced call girl.  Then a bite from an undead client changed her into something deadly different.  Now she searches for answers.  Janey Belle is the…Zombie Tramp.  It’s kinky supernatural fun as Zombie Tramp hits the road, starting in… Sin City of course!

There’s no question that the Danger Zone from Action Lab takes its name seriously.  If you’re not ready to see titles that push the envelope, then you’ll want to slowly back away.  In the event you’re willing to take the chance and be rewarded with the chance to read great books, Zombie Tramp is one of the many you can check out.  Now with an ongoing series, there’s bound to be plenty of envelope pushing in store for you.

After the previous adventures of Janey aka “Zombie Tramp”, we no...

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Itty Bitty Bunnies in Rainbow Pixie Candy Land

Take some time for an adventure to a magical world with two
cute bunnies… two foul mouthed, drug using, butt-naked bunnies that go on
adorably offensive, insultingly hilarious adventures! Your journey into
off-color fun begins here, with this mix of Adventure Time and underground
As many comics as I check out, there’s bound to be one that I’m
going to read and wonder what just passed before my eyes.  One of those books that will make you chuckle
and blankly stare at almost equally. 
That is precisely what kind of title that Itty Bitty Bunnies in Rainbow
Pixie Candy Land is through and through.
It’s hard to describe exactly what happens in Itty Bitty
Bunnies, as there really is no “story” per se. 
For the most part, it’s basically a wacky drug induced adventure r...
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Dry Spell 1

Tom Ferris lives in a world of costumes and wonder.  Figures streaking across the sky, hurling
themselves over rooftops at night.  They
are everywhere.  They are common.  But Tom doesn’t notice that world
anymore.  His world is made up of
spreadsheets, phone bills, software, coffee, collared shirts.
When a coworker takes an interest in Tom, a chain of events
begins to unfold…
Imagine what it must be like to have super powers, and the
life you lead holding such responsibility if you chose to use them for good.  What happens if you wanted out though and
just desired to live normally day to day? 
If you actually managed to escape the spotlight, what would happen if
you got dragged back in?  These are just
the kind of questions that Dry Spell looks to give answers to.
Poor guy just w...
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Zombie Tramp & Ehmm Theory: Danger Zone FCBD

Are you bold enough to take a ride with Janey, the Zombie
Tramp?!? If you pick her up, she might just share the story of how she came to
be the street walking dead!! Be brave so you can be ready for her all new
series following this special issue! You also get a mind shattering sneak
preview from the second volume of the coolest comic series you haven’t read
yet… Ehmm Theory!
Free Comic Book Day plus Action Labs plus double feature
comic?  That’s one hell of a combination
as far as I’m concerned.  Even if we just
had just a Zombie Tramp or Ehmm Theory mini, I’d have been fine getting
that.  Give us a little bit of both in
one free comic though, and you’ve got a great little book to break folks into
the Danger Zone.
Our first half offers up a short look into our undead call
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