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Zombie Tramp Vol 6 Issue 13

Dan Mendoza returns for the one year anniversary of the ongoing series in a special issue written and drawn by the Zombie Tramp creator himself. As Janey makes her way to Florida for vengeance, she’s offered a chance at forgiveness to one of those that wronged her and set her on her twisted path.

As anxious as I always am to read another issue of one of my favorite titles, this one was especially exciting.  It’s crazy to think that it’s already been a year since the ongoing series for Zombie Tramp, yet here we are.  What better way to celebrate with issue 13, complete with a wide assortment of covers to collect.

During her journey headed to Florida, Janey happens to run into one of the many people from her past that wronged her...

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Zombie Tramp Vol 5 Issue 12

In an effort to make it to Miami faster, Zombie Tramp takes to the air this time on a one-way ticket to chaos. Can Janey control her temper and her human form on a 6-hour flight full of annoyances?

Maybe. But add one more unexpected element to the mix and you’ve got yourself one angry zombie on a plane.

Snakes on a plane?  Not this time.  This time, it’s zombie on a plane.  I’ve never seen the previously mentioned title, but I’m sure it doesn’t hold up to this book.  It’s hard to when you enjoy Zombie Tramp as much as I do, and still going strong 12 issues into Volume 3.

After the unexpected results of her attempt to teleport, Janey decides to resort to more conventional methods of travel...

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Zombie Tramp vs Vampblade 1

In a story too big to contain in the pages of her regular monthly series, fan-favorite undead anti-heroine Zombie Tramp breaks out into an all-new limited series that pits her against a new larger-than-life supernatural foe… Vampblade! Can Zombie Tramp hold her own against this new interdimensional weapon-wielding comic book bad girl brought to life, or has she met her sexy/crazy/cool match? Let the hair pulling and blood spilling begin!

No sooner am I talking about the spinoff series in a previous review do I get my hands on it.  Now that is good timing if there was any.  And good luck, as getting your hands on anything Zombie Tramp like the first issue of Zombie Tramp vs Vampblade is fantastic.

These two sexy, badass ladies of the supernatural have had their share of bad meetups...

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Zombie Tramp Vol 5 Issue 11

Zombie Tramp creates a flesh beast from cemetery inhabitants to do battle with the hulking meth monster that’s plagued her visit to Detroit; but will Motown’s supernatural defender Vampblade help Janey in her fight, or team-up against her? It’s a boneyard brawl of beasts and beauties, as Janey fights for her right to ease on down the road!

There has been a lot going on for our queen of the undead lately.  Between trying to deal with the uber zombie that’s been after her, and the recent new player to the game Vampblade, Janey has her work cut out for her.  Apparently, there’s not even any rest for the undead as we jump into issue 11 of Zombie Tramp.

Finally, we get a bit of resolution to the conflict between Janey and super zombie as she realizes he is in essence a part of her...

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Zombie Tramp Vol 5 Issue 10

Zombie Tramp faces a new monster of her own creation, when a Detroit meth maker cooks up a batch of her undead bath salts! Meanwhile it’s chaos in the streets as the new drug has users turning into tweaker zombies! Plus Motor City’s own resident bad girl, Vampblade, cuts in on the action!

Start with the queen of the undead.  Mix in an unexpected after effect of her taking a bath.  Add new players to the assortment of paranormal.  Splash in the fact that the queen of the undead is hot, and that about sets you up for the tenth ongoing issue of Zombie Tramp.

After spotting some zombies on a rampage, and ones she did not create, Janey sets off to see what their deal is...

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