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Robyn Hood 9

Robyn and Marian were hired by the wealthy Ms. Rubino to
lift a magical hold on her bank account, but when Marian’s spell goes awry, the
account is purged. Rubino threatens legal action, but it’s the least of their
problems, as Marian is pursued by an insane Avella, and Robyn makes a dodgy
deal with the Rotter, a criminal looking to lift a powerful curse. Meanwhile,
the mysterious Cabal prepares for a cataclysmic event known as “the

Robyn and Marian are in the thick of it now.  With Avella on the rampage and the Cabal
still at large, these ladies certainly have their hands full.  They’ve been in some dire situations before,
but this one could prove to be more than one of them can handle.  As their list of enemies continues to grow,
Robyn and Marian now have to prior...
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Rebels 1

In a rush of great public resistance to an oppressive and
excessive government, a homegrown militia movement is formed in rural America.
This is not 2015, but 1775. With the war for independence playing out across
the colonies, young Seth and Mercy Abbott find their new marriage tested at
every turn, as the demands of the frontlines and the home front collide.
Here we have something a little different than the usual fair.  Rebels is a historical fiction series set
during the Revolutionary War and follows the exploits of Seth Abbott and
Ezekiel Learned.  Seth and Ezekiel had
been friends, since a chance encounter eight years prior.  The two of them have been fighting the British
oppression from Albany ever since.  That’s
pretty much the gist of this one.  I’m
not entirely certain ...
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Wonderland 33

A new terror rises in Wonderland, and it has already
succeeded in bringing out the madness within Violet. But with her daughter now
under the tutelage of Sela Mathers, a powerful ally, Calie returns to
Wonderland with her ties to Earth now severed, and another threat to deal
The house is gone and with it, so many memories, both good
and bad.  Calie finally feels a small
sense of relief with one less thing to worry about, however something else is
at works in Wonderland.  Now Calie seeks
out the Antipathies, sensing that something is amiss with them and hoping to
quell any new evils that might seep out into Wonderland.  If she only knew of the plot underway at the
Rime and Reason Tavern.
The main qualm I have with this issue is that it assumes
you’ve read the latest issue of ...
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Grimm Tales of Terror 9

The famous urban legend about an escaped homicidal mental
patient stalking a couple in their car comes to life in Zenescope’s newest
twist on the popular tale.
Another classic staple in the horror genre is brought to
life in the latest issue of Grimm Tales of Terror.  In typical fashion, the issue starts off with
two teens “getting better acquainted” in a convertible.  Their make-out session is soon cut short by a
passing police officer.  From there,
things get even worse for the teens as the escaped mental patient begins to
terrorize them.  Unfortunately for them,
there’s more going on here than they realize.
Overall a good idea. 
This type of story fits in perfectly with the rest of the series, but I
felt it lacked substance.  Maybe
substance isn’t the right word, but it d...
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The Monsters of Jimmy Crumb

Everything changed when eight-year-old Jimmy Crumb’s
childhood was stolen from him. Now Jimmy can’t throw a baseball, but he
understands the rules of the urban legend monsters exquisitely and can make
them murder for him. He has a hard time with math, but he can draw you a map of
the regions of hell.
Jimmy uses these skills to brutally exact revenge while
pretending there’s still a normal child inside him. Only his friends, teachers,
and the police are starting to catch on. Starting to realize Jimmy might be a
monster himself.
It will be up to Jimmy whether he can cling to what’s left
of his humanity or if he becomes one of the very urban legends he’s been
So, can’t say I was a big fan of this one.  Right from the get-go the dialogue becomes a
chore to even get through...
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