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Nottingham Comic Con Event Review

I arrived at 8am on Saturday the 4th of
October. It was early. I was tired and still slightly drunk, even if the crisp
Nottingham air had cured me of that, along with several enthusiastic bear hugs
from NCC runner Kev Brett.

Having been to the con last year when it was
known as ‘Nerd Fest’ it was a different feel. Not only was the venue different,
bigger and more modern than last years. Not only did it have elevators with
northern accents (that my friend Steve and I rode up and down to endless
amazement). But TheCultDen was there as not only visitors but participants on
the day itself!

But that wasn’t my task on the day- mine was
to walk the event checking out all the things that I though were cool, chatting
to artists and in general getting a feel for the place...
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The Saboten Con 2014 Experience

Saboten Con is one of the conventions in Arizona I look forward to all year.  Saboten took place August 29, 2014 and ran through Labor Day weekend (Sept. 1).  I’ve been going for around four years and I’ve enjoyed every year so far.  It has a great atmosphere, inviting guests and some great cosplay from the attendees.  Saboten is the largest anime and Japanese cultural art convention in Arizona.

This year’s Saboten took place, once more, at the Renaissance Hotel in Glendale, AZ. It’s been the home of Saboten for many years now, but next year it will shift its location to downtown Phoenix. Sad as it may be, Saboten is growing and with it comes growing pains. Let us hope the Saboten fans can adjust to a new location.

There was a lot to see and do at Saboten Con this year...

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