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Red Deer Expo Roundup



Earlier this month the city of Red Deer, Alberta had their first major Con, the Red Deer Comics & Entertainment Expo, and it’s about time! Nestled half way between the homes of the Calgary and Edmonton Comics & Entertainment Expos (yet affiliated with neither), Red Deer has the potential to be an ideal Con location.

As I mentioned this was Red Deer’s first major con, but it was also a first for the company behind it. So I occasionally had to remind myself that certain “bad” things were really just areas to improve as the company and the event grow.

Overall this was a decently run event, with some really good use of technology and innovations. Let’s start right at the beginning. When you go to a con, you usually get some kind of wristband or badge...

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Phoenix Comicon 2016

PCC_2016 (1 of 207)

I have been doing Phoenix Comicon for 6 years now. It’s not as much as some other creatives I know, but it’s a consistent event I love to partake in. Every year, it gets bigger and bigger.  Attendance has grown every year and this year was no different. Phoenix Comicon reached a record-breaking 100k attendees (up from 75k in 2015) over the 4 days (Thursday – Sunday). Last year, they moved all  celebrity photo-ops, autographs, and cosplayer props/sets to the 3rd floor, dubbed “Hall of Heroes”, which probably helped attendance as well as free up some space for new artists and vendors.

PCC_2016 (47 of 207)

This year, as much as I wanted to see celebrities, I knew I had to stay put. In the first few years, I was rarely at my table. I was meeting and greeting old friends and making new ones...

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Tsurucon Roundup


Anime is not really my jam.  It hasn’t been since the days of trading VHS tapes to find it.  That being said, I have really enjoyed the handful of anime conventions I have attended.  Tsurucon was no exception, so much fun.  The experience of going to a bigger con like Seattle or Calgary is very different than smaller ones.  Tsurucon is a smaller event, with so much potential for growth.  Nestled halfway between two larger cities, each with their own decently large anime con, Red Deer is a growing market.

The main hall had some fun programming, like the Last Minute Cosplay Challenge in which teams turn random stuff into costumes. There was a Maid Cafe, and an artist/vendor hall, all the things you would expect to find at this sort of event...

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Emerald City ComicCon 2016 Roundup


I love geeky things. If you are reading this on there is a good chance you do too. There is a similarly good chance that nothing you are about to read is going to come as a giant surprise. If it is a surprise, you should look around, and find an opportunity to experience what I have.

Emerald City ComicCon is not my first convention. As long as I don’t get crushed by a bus thrown by a supervillian, it won’t be my last. It was however one of the few times I have attended as something other than a volunteer. Volunteering is a great way to attend events when you are on a limited budget, and it can be great fun too. Seriously. Go volunteer.

But I digress. ECCC isn’t just a comic convention, it’s one of the BIG ones...

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Animethon 22


I have a confession to make.  Actually I’ve made it before: I’m not really an anime guy.

That being said, anime conventions are an interesting sort of event.  They seem to have, overall, a more relaxed atmosphere.  If there’s an outside space, it’s full of cosplayers quite literally dancing and having a good time, unlike some conventions, where you dare not leave the venue for fear of not being able to get back in.

In the olden days, Animethon used to start mid-day on a Friday but, as it grew and people started showing up earlier and earlier, they started programming earlier.  As a result, I missed most of the first day due to the real world, but I was able to get there in time for the big Flow concert.

For those who are like me and like pictures, sorry, you’re out of luck...

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