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FallCon 30

FallCon’s 30th anniversary is also Geek-o-Rama’s 5th anniversary and G-o-R’s founder’s birthday, so it was a special weekend all around.

This year, FallCon was at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary, Alberta for the first time after outgrowing it’s former venue. Even so, the huge room was filled to capacity throughout the entire event.

Imagine a shelf full of your favourite board or tabletop games and a pile you’ve always wanted to try out…now imagine dozens upon dozens of shelves filled with hundreds of games. That’s FallCon. A huge room full of every game you’ve ever wanted to play and plenty of people of all ages to play with.

The gaming area was filled to capacity the entire time I was there on all three days, and every event was packed...

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Press Release: Texas Latino Comic Con

The first ever Texas Latino Comic Con Spotlights Latino Talent

January  30, 2017 – Press Release

Texas Latino Comic Con

Dallas, Texas- January 30, 2017- Our stories matter. The first ever Texas Latino Comic Con is coming to Dallas Texas July 29th.  In collaboration with the Latino Cultural Center of Dallas, this comic convention is a first of its kind in Texas highlighting Latino artists, writers and creators in the comic book community. The convention will feature local artistic talent, a Latino character centered cosplay contest, and special guests. The event will be free for the public. In conjunction with Dusk and Rio Bravo Comics we are excited announce Texas Latino Comic Con.  Our stories matter!

One of our first guest announcements is the creator of El Peso Hero, Hector Rodri...

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Press Release: AZ Eventure Con



Comic conventions have become a part of nearly everyone’s yearly travel destinations in recent years. But some have become more pop culture based and have forgotten the source material, the comic books, that have spawned the Hollywood machine that churns out the television and movies that we all love. AZ Eventure Con wants to return to the days when the creators of comic books took center stage. After all, without those creators, without those comic books, pop culture as we know it would not exist.

AZ Eventure Con will take place February 18-19, 2017 at the Westgate Dave and Buster’s at 9460 W Hanna Drive, Glendale, AZ 85305.

Single day and two day passes are available, as well as a VIP char...

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David Doub on Creating a Convention

This is merely an opinion piece and is meant to start conversations about starting cons.

David’s Rules for Starting a Convention

  1. Start with a one day show. One reason for this is you need to grow your fanbase large enough to support several days.  Each day of a con costs for an organizer, so there is no point in spending for a 3 day show when you haven’t built the audience for it yet.
  2. Do one show a year. Again this follows the logic of the Rule 1, you need to build an audience and awareness of your show before you can run multiple shows a year.  Also with the current con calendar so full it’s hard enough to find one date a year that is relatively free of other events, so finding several dates wide open is a bigger trick.
  3. Be aware of the full calendar...
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Press Release: Keen Halloween


Keen Halloween is Your One Stop Shop for All Things Spooktacular!

This is where costumes and candy are just the beginning.

Phoenix – Square Egg Entertainment, the creative minds behind Phoenix Comicon and Phoenix Fan Fest, are now bringing you Keen Halloween! The Kickoff event is just weeks away and celebrates the passion for Halloween for both children and adults alike with spooky unique Halloween vendors, workshops, and costumes galore!

Their vendor hall is now two-thirds sold out with Halloween home decor, jewelry, and art not seen before in Phoenix. Additionally, there will be tons of programming to entertain and educate everyone from the most dedicated enthusiast to folks with just a passing interest in the fall holiday and the aesthetics surrounding it!


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