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VALIANT Goes 8-Bit for HARBINGER WARS: BATTLE FOR LAS VEGAS – Coming Soon to iOS and Android!

summer, Valiant’s Harbinger Wars crossover event will be delivering
8-bits of awesome to iOS and Android devices everywhere!

Kotaku today debuted the first look at Harbinger Wars: Battle for Las Vegas – an 8-bit side-scrolling video game tracing the events of Valiant’s upcoming summer crossover! Following the release of Harbinger Wars #1 (of 4)
on April 3rd, the game’s first level – colliding the casts of the
Bloodshot and Harbinger ongoing series against one another – will be
available as a free download via the iOS App Store and Google Play in
Developed by Storm City Entertainment, Harbinger
Wars: Battle for Las Vegas offers fans the chance ...

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Award Winning Comic Brought To Life for Mobile, Tablets, Desktop
New York, NY, ­- HappyGiant, in
association with Dark Horse Comics, announce “Usagi Yojimbo: Way of The Ronin”, a game
now available for iPhones & iPads, and coming soon to Android devices and desktop
PC’s (
In conjunction with the release of the game, Dark
Horse Comics is announcing the first new Usagi
collection after a year hiatus working on 47 Ronin. The first new book will be Usagi Yojimbo: A Town Called Hell, which will see release on July
Usagi Yojimbo is the beloved character and world
created by award winning author and illustrator Stan Sakai, following the tales
of a ronin (masterless samurai), set in feudal Japan. This is the first
videogame based on the ...
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Angry Birds Star Wars

I love physics-based games, Angry Birds, and Star Wars. So, when these three things came together to make a pop-culture trifecta, I was thrilled. I had been waiting anxiously ever since they announced it in October (“What? I have to wait until *November*?!”).  When the morning of November 8th came, I’d like to tell you that I sat with my finger hovering over the button in the app store.  But alas, I had nearly forgotten about it (I should have set a reminder), but one of my friends on Facebook was nice enough to post about it. I scrambled to my iPhone and downloaded it immediately.  It could have been 9.99 and I still probably would have bought it (with a split-second thought for justification), but $.99 later and I was in.  It runs wonderfully (I’m running iOS6.0...

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Tunnel Tail

• Tunnel Tail is a new free mobile gaming app available on the App Store and Google Play™.
• The action-packed Tunnel Tail app is completely free – all characters, all levels.
• Tunnel Tail takes the player underground where mouse tribes struggle with the dark forces of the Lumini who seek to destroy both the mouse and human worlds. The player is the last hope the mice have to finally win their freedom.
• Tunnel Tail is the latest release from the developers at Schell Games.
• You can find more information about Tunnel Tail, along with fun activities, at or by visiting Tunnel Tail on Facebook or YouTube.

I first learned about this game when I was Austin attending Wizard World Austin...

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