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Terry Brooks, Brandon Sanderson and Timothy Zahn Join PHXCC 2013

Phoenix Comicon is proud to announce that authors Terry Brooks, Brandon Sanderson and Timothy Zahn will be attending Comicon 2013.

“We are extremely happy to have several authors who are both critically and commercially successful,” says Convention Director Matt Solberg.Terry Brooks is well known for his famous fantasy Shannara series. Overall, Brookes has written two movie novelizations, 23 New York Times bestsellers and currently has 21 million copies of his books in print.

Brandon Sanderson is best known for finishing Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy series, The Wheels of Time. He is also known for his own Mistborn series as well as being editor for the semi-professional magazine, Leading Edge. Currently, he teaches creative writing at Brigham Young University.

Timothy Zahn and his nov...

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The Daughters of Merlin #1

Camelot has fallen to the dragons and all is lost. Merlin has no choice, but to escape with his charges. They are the last hope to salvage anything that remains of the once mighty kingdom. They are the daughters of Merlin. Number 1 of a four issue mini-series kicking off the Destiny of the Dragon series of books from Jester Press. 24 pages, full color.

The Fall of Camelot was just the beginning…

The Good
It’s hard to go wrong with a story involving Merlin.  I definitely enjoyed the first issue of Daughters of Merlin and its new approach to the land of Camelot.  It gave us a good amount of action and of course, plenty of magic which is always fun to see.  I particularly enjoyed the scenes where he displayed the immense magical powers that he possessed while fighting off foes.

The Bad

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Coming to Valiant 2013


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Fear Agent Library Volume 1 Sells Out!

Dark Horse Announces Reprint Timed with the Release of Volume 2 in Spring of 2013!

MILWAUKIE, OR—Dark Horse Comics gives one of its most beloved creator-owned series in its vast archives a long-overdue deluxe treatment! Demand has proven to be much higher than Dark Horse could have anticipated, with the first printing selling out before hitting the shelves of comic shops today.

Rick Remender, Tony Moore, and Jerome Opeña’s Fear Agent was a critics’ darling long before the X-Men joined the Avengers. Published first by Image Comics, Fear Agent came to Dark Horse in 2007 and stayed through the series’ end in late 2011...

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Fairy Tale Knights Prelude

This 25 page book highlights concept and completed art from the highly anticipated comic book series “Fairy Tale Knights”!! It features a ten page mini story of the main characters Malia and Patrick, as they try to cross “the Bridge of gloom” guarded by the Troll and his Henchmen.

The Good
Even being a short prelude book, this was a good read.  The premise to the series provided at the beginning sounds great.  This art style is one I think only fits in certain books, and for Fairy Tale Knights it does.  I also appreciated the sketchbook section which you don’t often see.

The Bad
Without any text, the story was a little tough to follow through any of the panels without action that could speak for itself.

The Summary
As a preview type of book, it does its job in piquing your interest j...

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