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Fairy Tale Knights #1

The world we know only in fairy tales may not be as fictional as we thought.  This world is now in peril, as a mysterious force threatens to destroy all they know.  A warrior is called to find out why inhabitants there are dying, and who is behind it all.

The Good
The prelude really caught my interest, and the first full issue did not disappoint either.  The initial story within Fairy Tale Knights 1 starts off strong, and has a lot of potential for those that follow. I’m still enjoying the style of art that was introduced in the teaser and continue to think it works quite well.

The Bad
I did find myself having some trouble in a certain section absent of words, feeling a little lost as to what exactly was going on...

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Phoenix Comicon Guest Announcement!

Jason Adams, Joel Adams, Michael and Laura Allred, Christian Beranek, G.W. Fisher, Raven Gregory, Christy Marx, Brian and Kristy Miller, Brandon Peterson and Norm Rapmund Join PHXCC 2013

Phoenix Comicon is proud to announce that comic book artists Jason Adams, Joel Adams, Michael and Laura Allred, Christian Beranek, G.W. Fisher, Raven Gregory, Christy Marx, Brian and Kristy Miller, Brandon Peterson and Norm Rapmund will be attending Comicon 2013.“We are ecstatic to have such a wide range of great comic book artists attending this year’s Phoenix Comicon. It will be a treat for every comic book fan out there,” says Convention Director Matt Sorberg.

Jason Adams specializes in combining nerd favorites like Star Wars, comic book characters, and famous athletes with the unique look of spray...

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Cindy Morgan and Garrett Wang Join PHXCC 2013

Phoenix Comicon is proud to announce that actress Cindy Morgan and actor Garrett Wang will be attending Comicon 2013.

“We are very excited to welcome Morgan and Wang to this year’s Phoenix Comicon event,” says Marketing Director Jillian Squires.

Cindy Morgan is best known for her portrayal of Judge Smails’ memorable niece, Lacey Underall in the classic 80’s movie, Caddyshack. Morgan also played Lora/Yori in the original Tron movie as well. Recently, Morgan has help raise funds and awareness to benefit the Illinois Military Family Relief Fund.

Garrett Wang is best known for his role as Ensign Harry Kim in Star Trek: Voyager from 1995 to 2001. In 2007, he appeared in Star Trek: Of Gods and Men, a fan production as the villain, Garan...

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Steampunk Known as TICK: Celebrated in Top 2012: Ten UK Small Press Comics You Need to Own

Canterbury, GB
“Bagley presents a layered and captivating tale here, brought to visual life with an exquisite eye for detail and a remarkably assured and confident storytelling style. If you don’t instantly fall in love with Tick after a first reading then, quite frankly, you have no soul…” Small Pressganged soundbite

Rebecca Bagley’s steampunk fable Tick is a 36-page colour small press comic. Its starting point centers on a new homeowner’s discovery of a curious, kettle-headed, mechanical creature hidden away in the house she has just purchased. Obviously sentient, but forlornly uncommunicative, it soon becomes obvious that this hi-tech-yet-retro homunculus’ original function has been lost to the mists of time.

TICK now is heralded as being one of 10 of the “best” small press ...

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The Waking: Dream’s End #2

The hit series that redefined the zombie genre continues…

Vanessa and her partner continue their search for the serial killer who has found a way to beat “the Waking” as the body count continues to rise. Meanwhile, Madison continues to stalk Vanessa from the shadows with a message from beyond. From the writer and creator of FLY and the Theater comes a new chapter in the horror tale that never sleeps.

Moving forward from where we left off, the second issue finds Vanessa on another sleepless night, still plagued by what she had done in the first volume.  Meanwhile, more details about this new killer are revealed.  This guy must be trouble if he’s willing to risk dozens of zombies coming back for vengeance...

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