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Harvey Award Winners

downloadHarvey Kurtzman Hall of Fame Award: Al Jaffee

Harveys’ Hall of Fame: Carl Barks

Best Syndicated Strip or Panel: BLOOM COUNTY, Berkeley Breathed, Universal Uclick

Best Online Comics Work: BATTLEPUG, Mike Norton

Best American Edition of Foreign Material: Tie: TWO BROTHERS, Dark Horse Books and CORTO MALTESE: BEYOND THE WINDY ISLES, IDW Publishing

Best New Series: PAPER GIRLS, Image Comics

Best Original Graphic Publication for Younger Readers: LUMBERJANES, BOOM! Box/BOOM! Studios

Best Graphic Album Previously Published: THE LESS THAN EPIC ADVENTURES OF TJ AND AMAL, Iron Circus Comics

Special Award for Excellence in Presentation: PEANUTS: A TRIBUTE TO CHARLES M. SCHULZ, Scott Newman, KaBOOM!/BOOM! Studios

Best Domestic Reprint Project: CRIMSON VOL. 1, BOOM! Studios

Best Cover Artist: Fiona S...

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Press Release: Keen Halloween


Keen Halloween is Your One Stop Shop for All Things Spooktacular!

This is where costumes and candy are just the beginning.

Phoenix – Square Egg Entertainment, the creative minds behind Phoenix Comicon and Phoenix Fan Fest, are now bringing you Keen Halloween! The Kickoff event is just weeks away and celebrates the passion for Halloween for both children and adults alike with spooky unique Halloween vendors, workshops, and costumes galore!

Their vendor hall is now two-thirds sold out with Halloween home decor, jewelry, and art not seen before in Phoenix. Additionally, there will be tons of programming to entertain and educate everyone from the most dedicated enthusiast to folks with just a passing interest in the fall holiday and the aesthetics surrounding it!


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Fez-o-Rama Interview

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SPACE 2016

20160410_173031bIt’s been quite a while since I wrote…no wait, it was just last month or so, wasn’t it? Okay, scratch that line and let’s start over again. It’s been quite a while since I took myself on a road trip to an out of town comicon/comic convention. Being that we’re an indie review site, I thought that SPACE (Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo) would be a perfect fit. It was known to be small, but passionate which to me was a great fit for someone just getting out there.

Since I seem to be a bit rusty at this, I’m going to go back to a style of event writing that I used to use. Why? Because I like it and because it sum things up in tidy little packages and who doesn’t like those? Ready? Let’s go!

The Good:

1) SPACE is all about the indies. You won’t find big vendors or publishers here...

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Fantasticon – Lansing 2016

20160305_175752It was a snowy winter’s morning when I set out for Lansing and my first ever Fantasticon show. Honestly, if I weren’t completely filled with cabin fever and the urge to be around other people, the snow would have kept me curled up cozy inside. Thank goodness for cabin fever because what I found was a great little show!

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I can be fairly picky about my events. I have expectations after seeing some really great ones. I’m thrilled to say that other than one issue (which wasn’t the event’s fault), this is a great little show! From my understanding, this was the first time that this show had been held in Lansing...

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