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Keeper 2

Scott Winslow is making a killing in England.  As he plies his trade as star goalkeeper for
up & coming East London club Lewisham United, he moonlights as a serial
murderer terrorizing the public with a body count in double digits.  Scott Winslow’s reign of terror continues,
but how close are Scotland Yard to discovering the horiffic truth? Will Scott
lay low… or has the violence only just begun?
Most everyone has their own thing that they’re good at and
really enjoy doing.  Some, like Scott
Winslow for example, become a star player for a soccer team.  That’s unfortunately not the only thing he’s
good at.  I guess the excitement of his
day job just isn’t enough for him as he proves again in issue 2 of Keeper.
The cops are on the hunt, and their first solid lead has
them ai...
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Princeless Vol 2

Adrienne is hot on the trail of her older sister Angelica.
But in order to save Angelica, Adrienne will have to face a real monster —
jealousy.  Meanwhile, another member of
the royal family has disappeared and one of King Ashe’s closest allies may be
to blame!
It really goes without saying at this point that I am more
than delighted with any opportunity to read a book coming out of Action
Lab.  One in particular comes to mind,
especially with how much of it I’ve been able to see.  I’m speaking, of course, of their wonderful
series Princeless.  For those that
haven’t read this title, this collection gives just as much reason to do so.
Prior to getting my hands on this full second volume, I had
the chance to read issues 1 and 2 some time ago...
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Guardians of the Galaxy – Movie Review

Director: James Gunn
Starring: Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Lee Pace, Karen Gillan, Michael Rooker, John C. Reilly, Djimon Honsou, Benicio Del Toro, Glenn Close, Peter Serafinowicz, Josh Brolin, Stan Lee

Is it hyperbole to claim that the only reason for the existence of this universe of ours was to ensure that Guardians of the Galaxy be filmed, and enjoyed, and that the world would be lessened in its absence? Probably. Possibly. Perhaps. But it’s a statement I stand by nonetheless.

Guardians is the first Marvel movie to be truly galactic, introducing us to the eponymous heroes – the Terran vagabond Peter Quill (a.k.a. Star Lord), assassin Gamora, bounty-hunting Rocket Raccoon and his tree-like compatriot Groot, and Drax the Destroyer...

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New Comic Day Releases: July 30th 2014

Fun With Kirk And Spock HC, $14.95

Gold Digger #212, $3.99
Steam Wars #5, $3.99

Archie 1000-Page Comics Explosion TP, $14.99
Archie Comics Digest #253, $4.99

Caliban #1 (Facundo Percio Final Frontier Cover), $3.99
Caliban #5 (Facundo Percio Design Sketch Incentive Cover), AR
Caliban #5 (Facundo Percio Regular Cover), $3.99
Caliban #5 (Facundo Percio Terror Cover), $3.99
Caliban #5 (Facundo Percio Wraparound Cover), $3.99
Crossed Badlands #50 (Michael Dipascale Trophies Cover), $5.99
Crossed Badlands #58 (Christian Zanier Red Crossed Incentive Cover), AR
Crossed Badlands #58 (Christian Zanier Regular Cover), $3.99
Crossed Badlands #58 (Fernando Heinz Fatal Fantasy Cover), $3.99
Crossed Badlands #58 (Ignacio Calero Wraparo...

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Valhalla Cindermane 1

How do you solve a problem like Valhalla?  An escaped Valkyrie from Asgard in modern-day New York City, her trusty battleaxe Synstruck at her side, she tears through the city on her motorcycle in search of her lost love, Tannhauser.  She isn’t looking for trouble, but when the chick hits the fan, things quickly go from bad to Norse.  Mythology like you’ve never seen it before!

Valhalla Cindermane’s attempt to end a hostage situation instead sets in motion a chain of events that put her on a collision course with the alien scientist and powerhouse Perilous and lead her into a hail of police officer’s bullets.

One can’t help but be curious about the idea of an axe wielding hottie riding a motorcycle, who also just happens to be a Valkyrie.  I know huh, let that soak in for a second...

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