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Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight: Tanner Jones and the Quest for the Monkey Stone

This is one project that I am praying I have enough money to help fund. It’s no secret that I love Travis Hanson’s work. I love it so much that when one of my prints accidently got something red spilled on it by a child, I nearly wept. If you’re not familiar with Travis or his amazing work, please go check out this Kickstarter and see if you can help make Tanner’s dreams come true.

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Mumbai Confidential

Once, Kadam was a rising star in the ranks of the Mumbai
Encounter Squad, a secret unit tasked with carrying out extrajudicial
executions of wanted criminals.  However,
the death of his pregnant wife triggers a downward spiral that leaves Kadam a
shadow of his former self.  When Kadam is
the victim of a hit-and-run he goes into a coma for a month.  After waking up, he finds a new sense of
purpose and pursues the investigation into the identity of the driver on his
own, when the police close the case for lack of leads.  Kadam finds out that the driver was Balwan
Khan, an over-the-hill Bollywood B-Movie actor.  This brings him into direct confrontation with
his ex-colleagues, who are now de facto gangsters in uniform and use Khan’s
movies to launder their money.
Crime noir, how can you n...
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Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight: Stormquest

For more information on this Kickstarter, please head on over to their page and check them out!

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I, Frankenstein

Based on a popular comic, I FRANKENSTEIN takes all we know about Dr. Frankenstein’s monster and
completely blows it away. 200 years after the snowy death of his creator, Frankenstein’s
monster is rescued from a demon attack by an angelic gargoyle order charged
with saving mankind. He is given the name Adam and welcomed by the gargoyles
but instead decides to go it on his own for a couple hundred years and take his
anger issues out on any demon he can find. 
This one does have on plot issue
that really didn’t quite blend with the rest of the movie. When the gargoyles
first approach Adam he is embraced basically right away, but there is one huge
reason he should not have been and it wasn’t really addressed properly. The
problem wasn’t that he was created from 
the parts of a ...
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Keeper #0

Scott Winslow is making a killing in England.  As he plies his trade as star goalkeeper for
up & coming East London club Lewisham United, he moonlights as a serial
murderer terrorizing the public with a body count in double digits.  Inspector Rahne O’Connell and her squad at
Scotland Yard are on the case, but will they figure it out before Scott racks
up more victims than clean sheets?
If it wasn’t for the fact that the cover features a bloody
soccer ball and says for Mature Readers Only, I don’t know how interested I’d
have been in this.  Fortunately, Keeper
is far from just a sports book and just from this teaser shows potential.  I honestly don’t think I’ve ever come across
anything like it before and that is a very good sign.
What we manage to see in the small handfu...
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