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Pinocchio #1

The first of many, this pulp novella, combining both comic art and short story prose, chronicles the rise of everyone’s favorite politician Pinocchio. Be prepared to have your childhood ruined further!


Not much of a synopsis, I know.  Let me see if I can add a bit more so that y’all aren’t lost. Pinocchio appears to be a college kid who can’t stay out of trouble. From a wealthy family, his mama isn’t impressed and gives him a task to help make up for his bad behavior. There..I think that’s a pretty good summary. Now…on to the review!

The good: The art, while very adult in nature, is very well done. The black and white actually lends to your eyes being drawn to the details...

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New Creator-Driven Series The Spider King Debuts This February

New Creator-Driven Series The Spider KingDebuts This February
Earth’s Last Line of Defense: Vikings!

San Diego, CA (November 20, 2016) – In the year 956 AD an unlikely group of Viking warriors in northern Europe face an even more unlikely adversary in the form of… Aliens! The debut graphic novel from Australian author Josh Vann and Italian illustrator Simone D’ArminiThe Spider King, introduces a vicious and violent world of survival to an extra terrestrial threat unlike any mankind has faced before.

Originally self-published in 2016 and funded with Kickstarter, The Spider King will make its serialized debut this February as IDW will release the international hit to a whole new audience. Garnering early praise upon its release, The Spider King was nominated for Be...

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Congratulations, QUANTUM AND WOODY! #3 is Having a Baby (Goat) in February! (God Help Us All)

Congratulations, QUANTUM AND WOODY! #3 is Having a Baby (Goat) in February! (God Help Us All)
Valiant “Celebrates” 50 Issues of the World’s Worst Superhero Team with a Staggering 100 72 64 48 32-Page Spectacular!

As first revealed at Comic Book Resources, Valiant is proud to present your first look at QUANTUM AND WOODY! (2017) #3 – a spectacular goatacular celebrating 50 landmark issues of the world’s worst superhero team from rising star Daniel Kibblesmith (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) and special guest artist Francis Portela (FAITH)! Because you demanded it – the return of Quantum and Woody’s fearless sidekick/roommate/emergency medical contact starts here with a momentous moment that will forever reverberate through the ages: the birth of the Goat’s baby!...

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New Comic Day Release: November 22nd 2017

215 INK
Doctor Crowe #4 (Of 4), $3.99

Motor Girl #10 (Of 10), $3.99

Miraculous #16 (Featuring Simon Says), $4.99
Miraculous Tales Of Lady Bug And Cat Noir Cataclysm TP, $9.99
Princeless Volume 6 Make Yourself Part Two TP, $14.99

Animosity Evolution #2, $3.99
Eleanor AndThe Egret #5, $3.99
Jimmy’s Bastards #5, $3.99

Amazing Age #4 (Of 5), $1.50
Doppelganger #1, $1.50
FUBAR Empire Of The Rising Dead GN (5th Anniversary Edition), $14.95
IF Anthology 2017 GN, $14.95
Lilith Dark #4 (Of 4), $1.50
Mr. Crypt #2 (Of 3), $1.50

Slasher #5, $4.99

Stargate Atlantis Hearts And Minds #3 (Cover A Greg LaRocque), $3.99
Stargate Atlantis Hearts And Minds #3 (Cover B Photo), $3.99

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X-MEN RED: Jean Grey’s Team Revealed!

X-MEN RED: Jean Grey’s Team Revealed! 
A mind-blowing team battling the world’s most dangerous mutants!

New York, NY—November 13, 2018—Last week, Marvel announced the continuation of Jean Grey’s story with X-MEN RED, a brand new series written by Tom Taylor (All-New Wolverine) with art by Mahmud Asrar (All-New, All-Different Avengers Generations: The Unworthy Thor & The Mighty Thor)...

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