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SYNOPSIS: Morning in America follows the Sick Sisters, a group of friends and small-time delinquents who may be the only people standing between their suffocatingly small town and complete apocalyptic destruction. The Sisters know there’s something wrong in Tucker, Ohio — and they also know that the authorities aren’t doing anything about it. When the girls take the investigation into their own hands, they run into wild conspiracy theories, abandoned homes… and something that screeches in the night. At the end of the world, four girls with bikes and baseball bats are there to stand in the way. – COMIXOLOGY

THE STORY:  This story is well written and I’m intrigued as a reader to see where the storyline goes, it is...

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Kiss: The End #1

Written by: Amy Chu

Art by: Edu Menna

Colors by: Jorge Sutil

Letters by: Troy Peteri

Synopsis:  What lies beyond our world? Is there a heaven? Is there a hell? When a young man finds himself on the wrong side of life, he encounters Death itself and is set on a quest to seek out his errant demon offspring in an attempt to make his way back to the world of the living! But there is much peril on the way and the only ones who can help him are KISS! – Comixology

The Story: I must say I am not a Kiss fan so I wasn’t looking forward to reading this book, that being said the members of KISS aren’t actually in this issue except a quick appearance toward the end. The name”Kiss: The End” to me has a bit of unfortunate innuendo that I don’t think the creators were intending...

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The greatest characters from Britain’s golden age of humor comics return for a one-shot celebration of daft and zany fun! From the world’s naughtiest baby, Sweeny Toddler to Gums, the most incompetent shark in the seven seas, a whole new generation of readers are about to experience comics’ humor at its finest! Featuring comics top talents including Neil Googe, Ned Hartley, Cavan Scott, Abigail Bulmer, and Tanya Roberts!

The list of Creators on this book is long there are 15 different short stories in this book! I’m not going to break down every story or even list every single name in this book for the sake of brevity. I really had fun with this I’m a huge fan of British humor, and all the British slang was fun to read and do the accent in my mind...

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STORY & ART: Steven Prince

EDITOR: Hallie Prince

SYNOPSIS: When a monster rises from the Pacific, Hollywood’s greatest action heroes join forces to fight it. But even their combined awesomeness is not enough. Can the Monster Matador arrive in time to help?
The epic Battle for Santa Monica begins here!

STORY: So I really like the concept of this book, but I do have to say that the dialog and writing lose me. There is a string of random movie references that have no real bearing on the story. They seem forced in because the writer needed to make reference to some of his favorite movies. The story is sort of all over the place. The story seems rushed in spots to fit within the book and doesn’t really build out the world in which things are happening.

ART: The artwork in this book is o...

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SYNOPSIS: Beyond the margins of human reason lies a realm known as the Deadside, where the souls of the dearly departed linger – and where demons wait for us in the dark. For countless ages, Earth’s chosen protectors have guarded the veil between both worlds – but there are other doors to the Deadside, through which gruesome terrors from galaxies untold can trespass… With the planet’s freedom at stake, can the reigning Geomancer and her steadfast Eternal Warrior stand together against an invasion unlike any they’ve ever witnessed?

There is only one world left to conquer…

Entire planets have suffered and died at the cold, close-fisted hands of the alien Imperatrix Virago ...

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