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Call Me Perilous

When an
inexplicable madness grips the city, one man, or more than a man, takes it upon
himself to put a stop to it before the people tear each other apart.  Enter Perilous, an out-of-this-world hero who’s
trying to keep the world safe, all with a little help from his talking
gorilla.  That’s right, talking
gorilla.  Read the new Enemy Transmission
spin-off series Call Me Perilous from writer Michael Kuty and artist Daniel G.
A. Goiz, it’s sure to knock your socks off!
Call Me
Perilous, not the norm compared to most hero books.  Granted there have been quite a few blue
superheroes in the past, but that’s not what makes this different.   I mean, you’ve got a blue guy fighting off
rabid civilians, then there’s the talking gorilla, some grudges from the past,
vampires and t...
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