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Night Vol 2 Issue 1

Sabrina Voght awakes in a lavish state with no memory of her
torture at Elizabeth Bathory’s hands but appearances are deceiving as her
situation quickly deteriorates to combat and she finds herself once again
fighting for her life.
As a disclaimer before I continue, I did fast forward from
Volume 1 Issue 1 up to this point. 
Understandably so, this did leave me feeling a bit lost going into this
issue.  Fortunately the beginning of this
book gave a “what you missed so far” briefing which helped picking it back up.
Given my love of the supernatural genre, It was still great to
jump back into the Night series again. 
The main character is actually one who was briefly encountered in the
first issue, and it was quite interesting to see where she is now...
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After Twilight

Bookish Jen Frazier seems an unlikely choice to be a freedom
fighter, but when a theocratic new order occupies the state of Texas, Jen is
pushed into action carrying contraband for the underground. A surprise raid by
the religious police shows Jen just how dangerous it can be to fight a state
with ‘God on its side.’
Enter a dystopian Texas in the near future, completely overrun
by religious policing, and you have the setting for After Twilight.  If you’ve ever seen V for Vendetta, you’ll
have a good idea of how frightening it is to live in this theocratic state
fighting a war with the United States. 
For those that haven’t though, the great story and vivid artwork will
sufficiently paint a picture for you in this thrilling series.
The team of writers that came to together t...
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The Strain – Complete Series

When a Boeing 777 lands at JFK International Airport and goes dark on the runway, the Centers for Disease Control, fearing a terrorist attack, calls in Dr. Ephraim Goodweather and his team of expert biological-threat first responders. Only an elderly pawnbroker from Spanish Harlem suspects a darker purpose behind the event—an ancient threat intent on covering mankind in darkness.

Anything within the horror genre tends to be hit or miss for me, but something Guillermo Del Toro was involved in had good odds to be a hit.  As I had hoped from the first book, The Strain turned out to undoubtedly be quite a big hit in my opinion.  I wasn’t sure what direction this would go in, but fortunately the story has a gruesomely fresh approach while keeping to the classic roots...

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Princeless Vol 2 Issue 2

Adrienne is hot on the trail of her older sister Angelica. But
in order to save Angelica, Adrienne will have to face a real monster –
jealousy. Meanwhile, another member of the royal family has disappeared and one
of King Ashe’s closest allies may be to blame!
I normally don’t find myself feeling the need to start off
talking about the cover of a book, but the front of Princeless Vol #2 is just
too funny not to.  I won’t deny that
books with risque covers draw me in, but I can also appreciate the argument being
made on how relevant they actually are. 
Regardless of your stance on this though, I personally got a laugh out
of this.
So, onto the book itself. 
It starts off with a flashback that threw me off at first, but once you
realize what’s going on, you get a bit of history...
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Orchid – It’s All There

When the seas rose, genetic codes were smashed. Human settlements are ringed by a dense wilderness from which ferocious new animal species prey on the helpless. The high ground belongs to the rich and powerful that overlook swampland shantytowns from their fortress-like cities. Iron-fisted rule ensures order and allows the wealthy to harvest the poor as slaves. Welcome to the world of Orchid.

It’s certainly no surprise that a post-apocalyptic world created by one of my favorite musicians had a very good chance of winning me over.  Even with those two factors coming into play though, the story of Orchid would need to bring the solid writing and eye-catching artwork to back it up...

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