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After successfully
crossing some jacked up Mountains which seem to be everywhere in middle earth
and are always in the freakin way, Thorin and his group head into Mirkwood
Forest without Gandolf because he likes to just wander off sometimes. They are
trying to get to Lake-town where it will be time for Bilbo to make good on his
agreement with the dwarves.
After encountering a bunch of mountains, impatience
and a secret door, Bilbo meets the power hungry dragon Smaug who sounds a lot
like Khan from STAR TREK : INTO DARKNESS. While I don’t think anyone in their
right mind can say Jackson hasn’t completely gone to every step to make this
series visually beautiful, this one stood out for several reasons. 1) Smaug
looked freaking great and he is kind of a jerk as polite as Bilbo was...
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Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight: Music of Sacred Lakes

As a lover of ghost stories and a Michigan girl, I could resist when I came across this Kickstarter. If you’re interested, please head on over to the Kickstarter page and check it out!

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Hunger Games : Catching Fire

I just watched the first
installment of this soon to be 3 part series a week ago and to be honest I
think it only added to my experience in watching this one. I am a dude and I
freakin balled my eyes out at least 3 or 4 times in this one just having grown
to love the characters and the incredible odds they face. Once again a stellar
cast launches us into Panem’s version of the Empire (Star Wars fans will get
that) and this one just never really lets up. Just when you think this arena
can’t get any more crazy, CATCHING FIRE explodes with creativity and amazing
shot after amazing shot.
Story line wise I haven’t
read the books so all I have to say about that is what I always say. If you
want the book, read. If you want a movie with the same title of a book you
read, see the movie...
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Gentle Carmel

Gentle never meant to rise from school punching-bag to Mexican hobo and desert-dwelling superhero.
That fate was sealed when he sided with the water creatures.

Beat-up at school for autism and haunted by a
mysterious Hag at home, Carmel
just wants to draw, shower and do stand-up comedy. But when he sneaks into Mexico to find
and murder the Hag, everything changes. He eats delicious fish, rides the
rails, climbs peyote mountain and transforms into flames. 

Artist and author Brian Schrank lets loose in
this epic journey that bobs, weaves and bursts with experimental energy.
Influences range from 80’s cartoons, underground comics, shlock horror, cheap
manga, and pop culture iconography. Brian blends a dizzying range of styles
together to tell the tale of a boy who has a broken mind but an ...

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Three Questions with Jerrod Begora

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