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Bob Powell’s Complete Cave Girl HC

A lost masterpiece by cult artist Bob Powell! This deluxe
hardcover collects early fifties Thun’Da and Cave Girl stories, featuring campy
and sexy “jungle girl” genre material at its leopard-skinned finest! Mark
Schultz (Xenozoic Tales) provides an introduction. Includes an essay by
Eisner-winning author James Vance (Kings in Disguise) and John Wooley
In order to truly appreciate the massive amount of comics
that we enjoy today, sometimes you need to go back to their roots.  Many of us, myself included, don’t often have
the chance to read titles from an era well before we were even born.  This week I had the opportunity to check out
the Complete Cave Girl collection.  As one
of the many classics that I’ve never seen any of, it was a heck of a jump back
in time.
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