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Blue Hour Interview

Geekorama had a chance to talk to the creative team behind the book Blue Hour from Action Lab, writer Dino Caruso and artist Chad Cicconi.

What were the best and worse parts of working together to make this comic?

Dino Caruso – The best part of working on BLUE HOUR was my collaboration with Chad (and the rest of the team). It was lots of fun to build this project together and solve the creative problems and see it evolve from an idea to a finished product.

I’m sincere when I say that there was no “worst part”. Working with Chad, and having the fine folks at Action Lab publish this story was a great opportunity and positive all the way!

Chad Cicconi – Best part — Dino had a clear vision of what he wanted and a clear story to tell...

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Blue Hour #2+3

Amid growing tensions among the colonists, the indigenous Maasym, and the colony security forces, an assassination attempt rocks the very fabric of Two-Sun Colony. The colonists struggle to find unity in the aftermath of the shocking attack.

If we ever end up colonizing another planet, there is bound to be an endless amount of challenges. In the event other life does end up being out there, that is certainly going to be one of them. In issues two and three of Blue Hour, we are shown a very plausible scenario we could be stuck in.

Issue two starts off by going back into some of Wardell’s history with the colonization of Mars. Jumping back to present time, we catch up with him trying to keep order as best he can...

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Blue Hour #1

Following a great resource war on Earth, a group of disillusioned human colonists seek refuge on a desolate planet in a remote binary star system. They plan to build a utopia, but when the yellow sun sets leaving only a blue sun above, a deep indigo shadow covers the colony. Local alien legend says the “Blue Hour” will spell evil and ruin for all who venture out of shelter. Can the colonists overcome this harsh environment and their own human nature to survive the “Blue Hour?”

It’s pretty well known that we are depleting the natural resources of the Earth at a rapid pace, probably too fast...

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